• Nov 22

    And where do we go? The more knowledge, more difficult to reach them. To bring this philosophy to millions, create a new culture of health – our missiya. But let’s be realistic. Towns are growing, and the air in them is becoming dirtier. After all, every resident, from newborn baby to a venerable old man, living far from ideal conditions. So it was ranshe. Extracted it. WHOLE HEALTH OPTIONMy know that the potential for human life – 120 years. It is an indisputable fact. The world is too big and too dirty. Think about it! And we know that we understood and accepted everywhere in the world. A book for only one medicine – hundreds of millions. On the contrary, humanity stubbornly moving in the opposite direction. Therefore, we proclaim that life – an absolute value. Two? Not at all. This is two (! This – our practical purpose. Yes you can, if more and more people will choose good health, then the world in which we live will be different. How many books can people read for your life? What kind of 120 years of healthy life can there be if every hour and everywhere we are confronted with what is for the most immediate threat to life? Therefore, our philosophy – it is not just good health. The number of such contacts frighteningly large. Food is becoming more and more synthetic and not even look like that once gave people by nature. And our philosophy more than any other, involves a choice. And now we can gather all information about what and how to affect a person in his everyday life, in which pins it takes and how these contacts He opened an instant and unlimited access to all previously accumulated body of knowledge. Yes, every person every second comes into contact with a corrosive environment for his health, whether it is the only breath on a busy street, a drink of water from the tap or a rude word detractors. That persistent small steps of trial and error, the giant leaps of outstanding scientific discoveries came to knowledge. And all of them – in different languages, different libraries in different countries on different continents.

  • Nov 15

    First of all vitamins and minerals, the most important regulators of all functions of our body. Industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, which are more harmful factors than the emissions of industrial enterprises. This data report from the state Department of Environmental sredy. After watching the news on television, can we avoid stress in our lives? In fact, we use no more than 30% of the daily requirement of vitamins and mineralov. Moreover, vitamin deficiency occurs year-round, including summer and osenyu. Elektromagnitnye radiation appliances – televisions, refrigerators, microwave – oven, repeatedly reflected from the concrete skeletons of our homes, run through our body also mnogokratno. And we thank God, we can affect it. Compare – medicine identifies only 12% of health cheloveka. Vtoroy factor affecting our health – it’s ecology. If the mobile phone to put a chicken in the nest for 3 hours – of these eggs will never be born chicks. And to build new cells constantly need new foods – more than a hundred. Nash body is programmed for thousands of years the rate of 100% and we get from food, only 30% of the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids such as omega-3. Of course not, life is zhizn. While they are the catalysts of biochemical reactions in the body. A mobile phones, without which we can not do without. Half of Russia’s population drinks substandard and thus poisoned water. Try to give the car a mere 30% of gasoline or oil, how far it is going away? It defines up to 70% of our health and longevity. We sometimes recalls late, when the problem goes too far. 90% of municipal sewage farms are not cleaned properly and in rivers polluted. No currently supply this factor is irrelevant to the needs of our body. The fact that all the cells in our body are constantly updated.

  • Oct 31

    Furthermore, it is important that on the table were various brightly colored vegetables. Adults are often neglected elementary rules of precaution. Must run on a special coating or on footpaths and in special shoes. For example, bananas, yogurt, low-fat, dry fruits. This breakfast will provide the body with energy for a long time. Experts say that less harmful in the sun longer, using sun protective agent than long, but, failing to protect the skin. To be a vegetarian or enjoy the taste of meat? Load increased gradually guided by heart rate. Eat before you drink a glass of vodka: the fuller the stomach more slowly absorbed alcohol. After such uzhena you will not want to chew, not whether the whole evening. My answer is: of course, red wine. Runny nose, cough, sore throat and other symptoms of “common cold” is generally not considered to be an occasion to postaratsyaizolirovat themselves from society. Walk an hour or half an hour to run? The use of means of protection against ultraviolet rays 30 reduces the likelihood of a burn of 30. Red wine or vodka? So try to listen to your body. But better do not do yoga on their own. And if you have good posture, developed muscles and ligaments that have a positive impact on health in general and even improve your digestion. In addition Tor Walking an hour! But there is a risk for both the cold, and for others, because the flu and acute respiratory disease spread by airborne droplets, ie coughing and sneezing. Naturally three meals a day! Only complete meals provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. You can easily reach the daily requirement of 10 000 steps. And update it after swimming. Snacks throughout the day, you run the risk of impoverish your diet. This is probably the most important question for any man. 6. In addition, a daily glass of red wine helps reduce blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and even prevents colds. Seasonal fruits and vegetables to eat as much anymore. If you buy a large package of vegetable dish, your dish will be varied and the most useful. So if you do decide to give preference to the vodka, do not mix it with tonic water: carbon dioxide accelerates the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. BUT: If you want to increase the workload and level of fitness, you must run. BUT! For example, oatmeal with fresh fruit. 2. Snacks throughout the day, or stick three meals a day? The more time that passes before the fruit gets to your table, the less vitamins in them remains, and the freezing process of “preserves”. Yoga or gym? Everything is a choice each of us, I suggest that only a few ways to improve your body, they also were up to you. Do not let the situation with the “cold” take its course, the more you should not prescribe any drugs. BUT! That would not bring further harm to your body should be at least a couple of days to spend at home. Yoga or gym? If you do snack between meals, choose foods that supply the body with energy, but does not raise blood sugar levels.

  • Oct 24

    Probably the same way it will be interesting to all of you know why there are diseases, how they can rasspoznat, how can they be avoided? 7 degree of slagging: irreversible disease-rak. 2-month cleaning the liver. 8. And the land is now deprived of micronutrients that could give the vegetables and fruits, which they in turn gave them to people. Faktory affecting health: 1. You’ve already read what components are needed for full cellular nutrition. Vy probably thinking, “Huh, I also challenge! Environment-the external and internal environment 9. Now the question is different: where do we get all these useful components and in the required quantities, and even in an easily accessible and digestible form? Water 4. The lifetime of (our age). There is a degree of slagging osteohondroz. It speaks about the use of refined foods, the decomposition products which give a reaction organizma. So on “their” standards: a successful businessman should look healthy? ABVGPP (aggression bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites). But what happens now? 5: deformation of the connective-tissue rheumatism and the degree of slagging poliartrit. 4-month clean the blood and lymph, red clover, hlorofill. But apples can not lie forever and does not spoil. Cell requires the following building elements: • the essential amino acids; • Vitamins-12; • Minerals-15; • polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega 6. “The sad spirit – dries up the bones. Systemic clearance of the organism to do at least 2 times a year. Food 3. Shema: 1 month, black walnut, gift berdok (if you have gallstones, then replace lecithin), kaskara (neychelaks). Medications 7. Travmy. 4 slagging: disease of stagnation: fibroids, fibroids, prostate adenoma, cellulitis, the deposition of the degree of slagging zhira. 6. Yes, it’s all possible. 3 month – cleaning the kidneys. We have a successful businessman can put an end to their health and go into business for himself thinking that first money, no time to think about health. Maybe reading this article you will think: “Why on the blog, which focuses on the secrets of succeeding an article about your health? 2: headache, tension in the joints and muscles. This is all understandable. Bioenergetika. And we have not yet touched upon the subject of food dyes, preservatives and genetically modified produktov. Reshenie nature. It’s safe to point out that if we lived 100 Dorogie readers, take care of yourself and their health. That is, those organs and systems that most filtered, and through which passes most of the toxins. 5 month-respiratory system: from Brest. But now pristupim. I’ll go to the pharmacy, buy a vitamin-mineral complex and quickly restore the “. Kletki for the most important needs is necessary to provide a complete cellular nutrition. ” Hippocrates said: Let food be our medicine and our medicine be our edoy. Therefore, in our region there is an imbalance between these two fatty acids. Mineralnye complexes colloidal minerals, Beaune B, coral calcium, calcium magnesium chelate, Chromium chelate, iron chelate, kelp, HSBC pi Garlick (garlic), lozenges with zinc, zambroza, super complex, TNT, mega Hell, HBO en es (skin, hair, nails) MSMIstochniki dietary fiber: Locle, TNT.

  • Oct 24

    By little trouble you can get used, and a large – you can not. Many health, less likely to develop disease. It is very difficult to define this concept as a critical health. And for someone – kindness and communication. In itself it does not make you happy. Other concerns are more important. The importance of health for each mine. When you’re upset, angry or annoyed, it takes a lot of mental energy that could be useful for other more important things. The difference between right and wrong way of thinking is that we analyze the causes and effects, and can on the basis of this decision. Est like – would be two main lines: the first – is restoration of health through medication and the second – this is to preserve and increase the natural defenses. If there is no sickness, so healthy. How important is your health? That’s what gives us the present health. Few health – illness. They say, “poor health”, “poor health”. All respond: “Sure! But the optimum life – is to live long and with a high level of mental comfort. To do this you need to create diversity. Our health – both self-concept – it should be and everything and we’ll talk about it eto. Each described: development mechanisms, symptoms, course, prognosis, treatment, mortality rate and severity of pain. Ya think that health – is still something worth talking about than to think seriously. A wrong way of thinking often leads us to stress and nervous breakdowns. Think always positively. And it’s wonderful that we are all created so that, consciously or unconsciously, we are looking for happiness. No need to measure it. Even a proverb is “The main thing – it’s great!

  • Oct 4

    But even this one you already begin to take care of your health. Want some examples? It would seem, why take such a burden: and can give, and the eater once, and without that little grub. In biology, this type of reproduction is called “intrauterine cannibalism. Cases of cannibalism among the people – not an uncommon phenomenon. Another example. Even a single case in Stalin’s camps, I heard from his friend. Survival of the fittest. They were not given anything to drink or eat, and they were both day and night, until one of them fell prostrate. The size of his mouth? The questions are not idle, and they are worth to think the sooner the better. Then the other three it was eaten. Yeah, if the gaping jaws of a neighbor is placed, then I’m bigger? When eaten the last biscuit, then “cut the lamb. In short, it all starts with the grub. By all means. I wonder how the embryo determines that he – the largest? And he told some of his relatives, who have been there. At what age should stay healthy? With such a high-calorie food embryo is growing very rapidly – when babies are born, they can reach one meter. And at what age should restore it? Of course, all runners know about it, except for the young. That’s just for a meal and take it.

  • Aug 19

    ” And really, if you think about why a person a million dollars in the bank, if confined to a wheelchair or hospital bed? ” Which is easier: to adhere to healthy lifestyles and the benefits to be derived as a way of life or ditching their health to spend a lot of strength, nerves, money, time, and t. A healthy lifestyle that certain acts committed by a person to maintain this garmonii. Perechislyat to be losing momentum. That would give back what is basically a bygone its original form is not returned. Poetomu as popular wisdom says: “Take care of your health from an early age. Spirit – is the essence of man, his harakter. Why am I talking about health as the harmony of body, mind and spirit. Scientifically proven – thoughts are material. – I think not. Zdorove – this is correct, the normal activity of the organism, its full physical and mental well-being. ” There is a good aphorism on this subject: “People lose their health, trying to earn all the money you can earn and then spend the money for that would restore the lost health (I would say ugroblennoe because people consciously it is ugroblyayut).

  • Aug 7

    He plans to increase the share of natural products of a given composition changed, the rejection of salts, sugars, fats, and the use of substitutes, which are very dorogo. Of course, in the first place will remain traditional foods in their reasonable and rational consumption. Pomnite: we need for the life of 90 items: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty amino acids and enzymes, bioflavonoids, dietary volokna. Who benefits from our disbelief? Dazhe President Alexander Lukashenko called for preventive health care to translate the rails. Na today there is no force that could stop the desire to preserve the population’s health. Preimuschestva supplements compared with drugs: a low cost, low risk of side effects when used as compared to synthetic drugs. By all indications, this is an absurd desire is economic. Vitamin C is involved in many metabolic processes. If it does not pay attention, you will develop the well-known disease – diabetes. Effective influence on the causes of disease, confidence in the natural produktam. I Finally, a third way: widespread use of dietary supplements – precisely metered, easy to use. ” And for the ignorance of the subject person is paying the most valuable thing he has – his health and his short zhiznyu. Study found that in the world today to 80% lands are not necessary for human life mineralov. Second until people can afford the wealthy. V soils of Belarus is almost no iodine, and selenium. Nashe with your health depends on the quality of the foods we eat. Supplements can help you quickly eliminate the identified deficiency in the body of some important veschestv. Deficiency of chromium and vanadium leads to low blood sugar.

  • May 22

    It is not difficult to see that well-known energy drinks such as Monster, RedBull, Amp and not intended to support zdorovya. Verve Mangosteen, aloe vera and green chay. Verve – it’s incredibly healthy product, in addition, without sahara. Izmeryaemaya angstroms, the ion form can penetrate into human cells. Lyudi can not believe that good for the body can be so sweet to vkus. After VEMMA, in its traditional formula, has been recognized as the best product among liquid mineral and vitamin supplements, VEMMA VERVE! Formula Vemma – liquid and is now available as a healthy energy napitok. Home and obvious benefit of energy drinks – energy. Vse popular energy drinks contain sugar and lots of caffeine. Need more energy?! Fitness, which annually inform its readers about the most advanced products on the market a healthy lifestyle, has secured the VERVE! Components Verve Vemma contains the original formula includes vitamins and mineralov.! recognized product in the U. S. Palm, calling it “the best health product in the U.

  • May 17

    VERVE = Vemma + mineral water, guarana, taurine, Dr. Components Verve Vemma contains the original formula includes vitamins and mineralov. Poprobuyte Verve – healthy energy drink! Tolko that they are strong, does not always mean horoshee. Kak mentioned earlier, we can all use that extra energy during the day, especially in between meals. Verve Mangosteen, aloe vera and green chay. Energeticheskie beverages must be carefully selected because of the strong components in nih., Becoming a distributor! Izmeryaemaya angstroms, the ion form can penetrate into human cells. Palm, calling it “the best health product in the U. You’ll be happy to drink Verve… Plus the daytime contents of liquid vitamins and mineralov. Most of these drinks are not considered useful for zdorovya. S. RibozaVERVE selected product in the U.! Verve – it’s incredibly healthy product, in addition, without sahara. Klinicheski proved that the formula Verve – an ideal alternative, and it remains in your body within 6 chasov. Taste fantastic!

  • Apr 8

    The price paid for the blessings of civilization and for the confrontation with nature – atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, sahprny diabet. Eat little fish, vegetable oil, but a lot of butter, sour cream, frankfurters, sausages, cooked sausages. No there is a third, equivalent to the first two – of knowledge about nutrition, education rights in this regard. Spending power – to maintain vital functions, metabolism, body temperature, etc. “I have no fat sausages” – ask at the store, and believe that provided dietary product… But there are almost 50% of animal fat in a latent form! Vtoroy law – compliance with the chemical composition of rauiona our physiological needs for nutrients. Pri iodine deficiency in the body primarily affected the thyroid gland. Just want to say that the power is determined, firstly, the material possibilities of man, and secondly, the choice and availability of products in magazinah. Any violation is punishable by them immediately – loss zdorovya. In addition, permanent iodine deficiency – a blow to the future of the nation, according to intelligence of children. Get energy from food is easy and pleasant to spend (sometimes) nice, but very hard. Fibers. Vtoroy way – change the nature of the product itself. ). From which it depends? Ceased to enrich all the salt with iodine – have created a great problemu. Everywhere – 70-100% of the population has a deficiency of vitamin p. There was no problem until all the salt has been iodized. You can be rich and sick, you can be moderately poor and very healthy. Science supply based on the laws of nature! The most powerful tool for health – a healthy diet. Pervy law, which we actively break – the law of correspondence of the body energy and calorie intake.

  • Feb 21

    We look through SanPiN 2. 5 raz. Favorite electromagnetic toy, it is a powerful business tool, these conditions are much worse. 1), “Artificial lighting… Should be a general system of uniform illumination, in the case of paper work… Installed lighting local lighting to illuminate the area location of documents. And they concern primarily the health of an individual sitting at the computer. 13. “(p. 1. All this power makes this a friendly glowing screen, a window into the world. Repeat 4. Computer at work, home computer – that is seeing? At the same time – some problems as a free bonus. Repeat 4. 10. Work chair (chair) should be hoisting swivel, adjustable height and tilt angles the seat and back… “(p. ” (Section 3. That’s right, it “sits”. Repeat 4. ” (P. 4. Stand up from a chair, straighten your back, arms waving, head to twist too does not work. 13. Our everyday reality. 1 up to 6. Code, we are immersed in the computer jungle, while changing speed and sweeps the whole evening, a few minutes. 4) “In the premises, equipped with a PC, is carried out daily wet cleaning and regular airing after each hour of work on a PC” (section 4. 4) “During breaks in order to reduction of neuro-emotional stress, fatigue, visual analyzer, eliminating the influence 3 raza. 1340-03 “Hygienic requirements for personal computers and machines to the organization of work. Krome of a static posture, prolonged immobility lead to a general fatigue of the body. Man lives in the body of the savage. 1) “Area per workstation user PC with ILI (video display terminal) on the cathode ray tube (CRT) should be at least 6 m,… Based on the discrete plane screens (LCD, plasma) – 4 5 sq. Then look into the distance at the expense of 1-6. 7) Do not you think these simple rules are readily available to meet at work on a home computer.

    Inactivity and hypokinesia, prevent the development of fatigue pozotonicheskogo expedient to carry out complex exercise. 2. I suggest to pay attention to how organized your office at home. “Premises for the operation of the PC must have a natural and artificial lighting. Or at least the world of oknom. ” (Item 10. 6)” Height of working table all adult members must be regulated within the limits of 680-800 mm, and this is not possible height of the working surface of the table should be 725 mm. Ancient hunters had an eagle eye, as seen afar in search of prey. 4. After many hours looking at the screen who does not know the feeling of sand in the eyes? 3) “Workplace user should be equipped with footrest. Man sitting at a computer at home, should take care to build their own workplace. ” (P. 3. ” Choose items that are both important and useful in the home. 4)” Construction work chair (chair) should ensure the maintenance of sound working position, allows you to change position in order to reduce static muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area and back to prevent the development of fatigue.

  • Feb 8

    Drugs more and more health menshe. 10. Teach your children to do this exercise, do it with them. Feet closed, knees and deployed. The sixth rule of health. From him again in a pharmacy. The second rule of health. Repeat with the other leg. Kak says an old Russian proverb, “A healthy body – healthy mind! Ya not a doctor. Men too can join our conversation – because our main concern for you and the children. 10. Sit on the floor on his knees, hips or on the heels of “Turkish”. Activates blood circulation not only in the limbs, but also throughout the body. Firm pillow in the form of a roller. From it to the pharmacy, then back to the doctor is another specialty. Lie on your back. Begin rapid oscillations from right to left like a fish to swim quickly. Link up your feet and hands, and knees to separate. Nishi, a sign of short life. By putting a firm pillow, neck or shaft. The curved neck, according to K. V world there are only two types of people. Stocked palms set perpendicular to the body on the chest (like an antenna), staying in the “lotus lying. In position “lying lotus. Vtorye doing morning exercises, jog, interested in how to eat, drink vitamins, fitness, spa salons, steam baths, walk with the children in pohody. Pervye go with their problems to the clinic, a doctor. The fifth rule of health. 5. · Moving with closed hands and feet at the same time forward – backward as if to stretch the spine. Exercise for the capillaries. Hold up both hands and feet. Took responsibility for the health of the family in their ruki. 4. Exercise “stop closure and the palms. And I am very grateful to myself for having gone to the latter course. Solid cushion treats brain sosudov. Exercise improves the functioning of the adrenal glands, reproductive organs, colon kishechnika. Second, they are responsible for their zdorove. Each exercise is done in the morning and evening. · Place hands under the cervical vertebrae, elbows bent. Remain at rest in this position for 5-10 min. The bad is that patients are not less stanovitsya. · Lie on your back. Under the cervical vertebrae to put a firm pillow or cushion. 1. Neskolko years ago me and my husband had a whole bunch of problems on your health. And in every possible way podderzhivayut. · Hands with palms tightly serried extend to its full length to throw over his head, then draw them slowly over the face to the waist, as if cutting the body in half, then the bottom up, from the pubis to the navel. It is also useful for the cervical spine. 10.

  • Jan 31

    With this recipe a person goes to a pharmacy. “Get well while healthy” can be transformed into “healthy choices, while there is still the right choice. Of course, it’s easier, for example, take and drown headache analgesics, without delving into its causes. There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry. And then heroically to treat already formed a ball so we problem. Ne better to stop in time, to listen to ourselves, to give some attention to their own person? Chto is Wellness? YES! And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. “We all” – is hard to neglect the signals that the body gets our attention. Budte healthy and optimistic! Fortunately, the answer to this question is found in the most authoritative scientific level. Wellness – English literally,” good health “. He begins to remove the symptoms (but not the disease itself or its cause) – prescribes medications. NSP – Your reliable guide to the world of health, happiness, success and harmony! 30-40 years to a man begins to feel bad for him to have problems on the health and he goes to the doctor. Hochesh live long, healthy, regularly and happily – Supplements Eat and live… And with whom? What does the doctor? Timely initiation of prevention – it is a vital factor in the formation zdorovya. This means waking up, feeling in excellent health, without having to take medication to start your day. Whoopi Goldberg rightly notes that “the great happiness – it ezheutrennyaya defecation. Who do you want to see tomorrow, after 20 years, 50, 100? Eternal value of healthy life – in your rukah. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! It is a system recovery – mild and comfortable physical activity, nutrition, holistic skin care, good otdyh.! BADy – is a familiar FOOD, or what to eat to be healthy for life, they need to eat every den.! In fact, all the demands of the modern society can be met! Wellness means to feel good, look good, long life, be full of energy.


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