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    This product has breathed life into our family! ” Actually, I take absolutely all products: and dietary supplements, and cosmetics. After cleansing, “Origins of purity”, started taking L-carnitine, Vitahrom, EPAM-Revival 4, drank herbal teas and all my goals began to be realized! Context: Chronic lack of sleep, fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue. Were born during my work in the Corporation “Siberian health. I have 7 years was kept between 38 and ESR 60 mm / d and only in August 2007 dropped to 28. At the moment I’m not just “forgot” the word puncture, I did get cold longer. I want to express my deep gratitude to the developers and all people who carry out such a wonderful product. For that and thank the creators of this make-up and wait for the next developments. Buttocks, hips, become more resilient and feel the whole body muscle tone! After training the muscles no longer “whine”! 9m. ” After training I was often disturbed by muscle pain, probably due to accumulation of lactic acid, waist circumference was reduced with difficulty, while in the buttocks and leg muscles were increased slowly. A year ago, my father (born in 1922), a hale and hearty, feeling weak, there was a decadent mood, began to disturb joints, walked with difficulty. Used very often suffered from sinusitis, and as winter began, I did puncture. Then he discovered that the heart is sick and a new diagnosis – angina. ” And my sister just crazy about your cosmetic line! “I use the product” Siberian Health “in September 2006, the standard program, and was a health program and for their grandchildren. Results of improvement: In 2006 GV 35 years I have had a little girl, pregnancy was normal (almost easy), had a normal birth. Decided to try the \ “Siberian Health \” on him (I only learned about it). Then connected the EPAM. Gorgeous cosmetics, which use not only me but my daughter and granddaughter. My husband took “VITEL” often enjoys a favorite “root”, “Geskoy. Thanks to the corporation “Siberian health” in such an efficient help! Fat deposits around the waist decreases rapidly, and new ones have not typed as fast as before with no change in diet. I’m 47 years old. A week later – the effect of the body can be compared to Viagra. At his daughter cleared skin, increased vitality after taking the “Cradle of purity” and “Rhythm of Health”. I am a woman old, by Russian standards, so my friend listened to my recommendations creams “Hronolong. Thank you very much for a new sense of life. Became even sleep for a brief sleep. Son Rodion from birth we gave EPAM-1000. ” Herself a former 2 groups of disabled, removed three years ago. On the fourth day of taking the pain vanished. Very comfortable series “Rosa”, a new series “Fitomedika ‘leg has brought me into a real delight! Anastasia P. A cold in the draft, there was a nagging pain in the groin. I decided to take a chance to save the tooth: teeth and rinsing the throat “Sorcerer. Irritability, nervousness, fatigue, tiredness, poor sleep, decreased mental and physical performance. I take this product since 2000. Especially the cream to reduce the volume of the body. Evdokimov, Birobidzhan Three years later I met with the products and cutting Limfosan Cardiology and EPAM 44. On the hips disappeared red vascular blemishes that do not pass over a year now, and nothing I could not remove them, no matter how trying. I’m very grateful for the Siberian Health Corporation’s products. I was allergic to propolis after receiving “Limfosan A” and “PIC”. Since six months have started to give balm golden beads – a week later he stopped crying, and three months later ultrasound showed that his grandson did not. ” I feel good. 3m. Thanks to everyone who created these wonderful products. ” Three days later, the tumor was asleep – the teeth were saved. I asked the consultant to “Siberian health”, which appointed a course of treatment for 3 months. Long did not bother. It is crying at night, the head becomes cold, no krovinochki on his face. We are very pleased with your products. I hope and believe in your products, it sustains me and heals I’ve been doing fitness, sports’m living, I wanted to achieve maximum results with the help of dietary supplements, “Siberian health. During pregnancy, I took PIC constantly, was anemia, nausea disappeared. A low bow to you for the miracle products. Really love the whole series of “Limfosan,” “Rhythm of Health”, “The Roots of purity. Situation: Allergy to propolis, skin problems, chronic edema. So \ “Siberian Health \” works…!

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    Come and learn with us – you need it for life! It will help you find the right health recipe, will pick the appropriate popular literature for the solution to your problem. V House of Health in writing you can ask a question expert on rehabilitation (about their illnesses, we are not talking! ) and get an answer. The Movement Against Cancer understood: the most difficult – learning to know themselves and to improve their health, have a lot of work yourself. Leader of the Movement Against Cancer – Faith Sorkin Attending physicians have everything they could have done so for this we are grateful to them. Now each person chooses their own path of recovery. If you live in the apartment more than three years and go to sleep healthy and wake up sick, if you do not help any medications or treatments, so you sleep in geopathic zone, from which you can easily zaschititsya. Now we are already 63 cheloveka. We have a library energetically healthy place: to protect the reading room of geopathic zones – Hartman lines.

    |To succeed you must have excellent health

    To love and be loved 5. If you can not determine the purpose of life, you can try to determine the wishes for the future. Most of us want to be successful in this life (the word” successful “you can attach different meanings, such as: 1. The road to success. According to their life experience, I am convinced of one thing: “…. There is a golden rule, “to locate the person to himself, it is necessary that he saw in you a good listener,” because everyone wants to be sure that people listen to him and take part in its affairs, as most, basically, people are interested in their personal Positive problem at all… Everything described here is the “smallest building blocks of a strong wall” in the name of success. That’s what I want you to share thoughts (observations). Try to clearly define what you want from this life… You want a lot, all at once. How to be, what to do to achieve this? Have a lot of money 4. It’s not as easy as it might seem. Once the plan is complete, it should be strictly implemented. Throughout our communication with you, I will try to explain. To be a leader in a certain range, 2. Believe me, nothing “super” in their ways to achieve the planned there. How? To succeed you must have excellent health. Planning is necessary for that would allocate the time. Having a job in the shower (not necessarily paid) 8. “It’s better to be poor and healthy – the rich and the sick”, or better yet “healthy and wealthy – than poor and sick. Have (I mean the ownership of the right) is the most modern computer 6. Try to plan your day, then two, three, and then a week. You will agree with me that our health is the most important wealth. ” Without health nothing else. Live on schedule.

  • Jul 9

    One of the most important components of our success is associated with you zdorove. Good luck to you and not get sick! Pravda I have an expression: if we were completely healthy, then would have died. Course of the disease arise not only because of work, food. Not in vain. Success comes to perfectly healthy people.,, Proceedings of Steppenwolf. What I wanted to express that? And to my words (above mentioned) does not pridiraytes. The fact is that there is no health in man and success. Kogda a man say that he does not carry only health – a lie, bluff, empty, distortion of facts. However, any illness can serve as a kind of rest, stop. It is, as a reward to be zasluzhit. But this is the case with successful people so rarely that most people do not notice it. By the way, the rest is not just a dream, but a change of deyatelnosti. Com invite you to visit it, unless of course you are interested in this question. To have reasons, the diseases can be mass and are all different. Each of us once in your life suffers. Just our diseases are the result of our thoughts and actions and that they only make us think of life, help you with every mission in the physical mire.

  • May 4

    Man sitting at a computer at home, should take care to build their own workplace. Work chair (chair) should be hoisting swivel, adjustable height and tilt angles the seat and back… “(p. After many hours looking at the screen who does not know the feeling of sand in the eyes? Citizens, submerged in the ocean Infobusiness, themselves, employers and supervisors, as well as occupational safety engineers. 2/2. Uprazhneniya performed sitting or standing, turning away from the screen with rhythmic breathing, with a maximum range of motion glaz. M. Ancient hunters had an eagle eye, as seen afar in search of prey. For workplace organization with a computer designed state rules and regulations, which must comply with each employer. Cherez week we continue the theme of health at the computer. Code, we are immersed in the computer jungle, while changing speed and sweeps the whole evening, a few minutes. “Those working with a PC more than 50% of the time, must undergo mandatory periodic medical examinations “(p. 1 by the right, then similarly down-right, right, right, left and right. Bless you. (Section 3. Then look into the distance at the expense of 1-6. 5) “In cases where the nature of work requires continuous interaction with VDT,… Organization recommended intervals for 10-15 minutes every 45-60 minutes of work. O how significant health conditions on the computer can say the following paragraphs we studied the document.. Or at least the world of oknom. 2) In conclusion, suggesting one of the sets of exercises for the eyes, recommended SanPiN 2. 4. Stand up from a chair, straighten your back, arms waving, head to twist too does not work. 4) “During breaks in order to reduction of neuro-emotional stress, fatigue, visual analyzer, eliminating the influence 4. “(p. Computer at work, home computer – that is seeing? The computer. Our everyday reality. 2. 2. 1340-03 “Hygienic requirements for personal computers and machines to the organization of work. The conditions of work depends largely on its success and health ispolnitelya. 5 raz. All this power makes this a friendly glowing screen, a window into the world. That’s right, it “sits”. It is hardly possible to do at home. And they concern primarily the health of an individual sitting at the computer. 1340-03. ” (P. ” (§ 6. 13. 4. 4). 5 raz. Said SanPiN regulates also instrumental conducting surveys, for example, measuring the levels of magnetic and electric fields, the visual display settings, noise levels, air humidity, air ion levels, etc. Man lives in the body of the savage. Repeat 4. I suggest to pay attention to how organized your office at home. 1. Repeat 4. With a fixed head to translate his gaze from the fixation at the expense of 4.

  • Apr 21

    “Working Tables should be placed so that the VDT were oriented with the side openings for light and natural light fell mainly on the left. Repeat 4. ” (Item 10. 1340-03 “Hygienic requirements for personal computers and machines to the organization of work. ” (P. Our everyday reality. ” (§ 6. 6. 10. The computer. Do move diagonally in one and the other side of the transfer of right eye at the expense of 1-6. It is hardly possible to do at home. 2. The Federal Law “On Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare» № 52-FZ of 30 March 1999: “The observance of sanitary regulations is mandatory for citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal persons” (Article 39). For us, his contemporaries, should train the eye, an effort of forcing myself to look at the horizon. This is both a business and education, and entertainment. 4) “During breaks in order to reduction of neuro-emotional stress, fatigue, visual analyzer, eliminating the influence “Premises for the operation of the PC must have a natural and artificial lighting. For workplace organization with a computer designed state rules and regulations, which must comply with each employer. 2. ” Choose items that are both important and useful in the home. 4). 2/2. 3. (Section 3. “(p. 1)” Women since the establishment of pregnancy translated into work, not involving the use of PC, or for a limited time to work with computers (no more than 3 hours per shift). Said SanPiN regulates also instrumental conducting surveys, for example, measuring the levels of magnetic and electric fields, the visual display settings, noise levels, air humidity, air ion levels, etc. 5 raz. That’s right, it “sits”. M. Favorite electromagnetic toy, it is a powerful business tool, these conditions are much worse. 1), “Artificial lighting… Should be a general system of uniform illumination, in the case of paper work… Installed lighting local lighting to illuminate the area location of documents. 2) In conclusion, suggesting one of the sets of exercises for the eyes, recommended SanPiN 2. 3 raza. We look through SanPiN 2. ” (Appendix 1, paragraph 1. Repeat 4. 4. At the same time – some problems as a free bonus. ” (Appendix 1, p. 4. 4) “In the premises, equipped with a PC, is carried out daily wet cleaning and regular airing after each hour of work on a PC” (section 4.. I suggest to pay attention to how organized your office at home.

  • Apr 19

    1: External health, felt general fatigue. Protivoparazitarnaya cleaning or systemic treatment is very important, because in the process of life to us accumulate a lot of dross, which give the root cause of disease. Therefore, they are treated with special substances that prolong the shelf life, but at the same time take away everything useful. Reshenie nature. But apples can not lie forever and does not spoil. Shema: 1 month, black walnut, gift berdok (if you have gallstones, then replace lecithin), kaskara (neychelaks). And most importantly, that these are not synthesized by the chemical industry, and created by the Creator God in order that everyone can get what they need for healthy living. And we have not yet touched upon the subject of food dyes, preservatives and genetically modified produktov. Systemic clearance of the organism to do at least 2 times a year. Now the question is different: where do we get all these useful components and in the required quantities, and even in an easily accessible and digestible form? 10. 2-month cleaning the liver. 8. Ochistka begins with a colon, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. A man must make a decision to be healthy, attitudes and positive thinking helps to overcome the disease. So my dear readers, unfortunately, is not the solution gives problemy. It’s the gift that keeps each of us first of all for themselves. There is a degree of slagging osteohondroz. 5. ” Hippocrates said: Let food be our medicine and our medicine be our edoy. Because taking care of business begins with caring about the sebe. The longer the time manifestations of the disease, the higher dosage and longer treatment lechenie. So as long as the food comes to us, she is forced to overcome long distances, and this requires additional storage. 3 month – cleaning the kidneys. 4 slagging: disease of stagnation: fibroids, fibroids, prostate adenoma, cellulitis, the deposition of the degree of slagging zhira. The normal ratio in the diet of omega 3 to omega-6 should be 1:1 to 1:4. 7 degree of slagging: irreversible disease-rak. That is, those organs and systems that most filtered, and through which passes most of the toxins. Juraj, chlorophyll, E-chay. And there is also less digestible. Probably the same way it will be interesting to all of you know why there are diseases, how they can rasspoznat, how can they be avoided? 2: headache, tension in the joints and muscles. If a person smokes, connect berdok. ABVGPP (aggression bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites). But the only problem is that at the complex is. Eta article will address just health issues: the path to health, to preserve it. That’s actually the answers to these questions will be posted here. This is all understandable. So on “their” standards: a successful businessman should look healthy? Food 3. • Fiber up to 30 g per day; • Antioxidants; • Fermenty. You’ve already read what components are needed for full cellular nutrition. 4-month clean the blood and lymph, red clover, hlorofill. We have a successful businessman can put an end to their health and go into business for himself thinking that first money, no time to think about health. Food is almost depleted of useful substances.

  • Mar 18

    For example, an enema is of enormous benefit to health. Poor posture leads to not enough deep breathing, pain in back and neck, poor circulation of energy of the body. 5. Walking Tai Chi. Walking Tai Chi teaches you how to gain energy with each step. 10. Laughter reduces stress hormones and helps to relax the muscles. This procedure allows to reduce the pressure in the abdominal area, weight, eliminate parasites and improve intestinal motility and to eliminate constipation. It is responsible for a quarter of daily detoxification. Proper breathing is very important. Add to the interior of their room and working place more plants. Here is a list of pretty unusual solutions to improve their health 1. All the same, but in other words, is it? Yes, you can live several days without food and water. But without air you will die within a few minutes. The fact that we are physiologically adapted to walking long distances. Plants have a huge advantage. We often breathe properly due to bad posture, stress and other negative factors. Who says life – is a serious thing? Try Jala Neti. 11. We all know that the skin – one of the principal organs of the body. Cleanse your skin? Improve your posture. They not only make the air fresh, but it moisturizes. It helps to clear nasal passages. 6. 2. Try hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy). Buy Orthopedic Shoes Masai. To cleanse the body need to rest the digestive system. 7. Lavage may be useful in acute and chronic diseases of the nose, and headache. 4. Did you know that they clean the air by removing harmful contaminants? If you do not plant in the workplace, put a couple. Think of purchasing a new mattress. This shoe was designed specifically to reduce the load while walking on the human skeleton. As they say, laughter – the best medicine. Try shestisekundnoe breathing: inhale for 3 seconds, 3 seconds exhalation.

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    The concept of health or conservation system that costs zdorovya. The International Standard Classification of diseases has been described about 260 thousand diseases and there are 2 times more medication. And this water in our bodies for nearly 70% by weight of the human body. Sovsem little theory: As you know, life on planet Earth – is the existence of protein bodies, which is possible only in an aqueous medium. And last but not least, you can teach your children and they will not miss school because of health prostudy. Znachit cells of our body needs – water, food, cleaning, security, dvizhenie. Because there are actually only four causes of death as we live organizmov. Est specific rules of life and health, created by nature. Net adequate nutrition, the cell undergoes golodanie. All elements of the cells are in an aqueous medium. Eto concrete steps, targeted actions. Net adequate protection and care – there is only 4 reasons stress. You’ve seen that fish need water, food, cleaning and protection. And almost all of the processes in our bodies go through vodu. Because, sometimes unknown to the very cause of a disease. Nature has created a unique universal system for all living and inanimate. Even if we were robots – the system for us, too, would suit, as it is suitable for machines, and the trees, and to the people and animals, and to the houses, and to plants. Prichem, food dissolved in the water! And according to the WHO (World Health Organization), 70% are diagnosed correctly. What? Learning system of maintaining health and thus the secrets of health, we can influence the very cause of the problem that is causing illness. Dlya to talk about the concept of health in general, let’s talk about the specific rules konkretnom. And some would not have the disease, the cause of only 4.

  • Jan 23

    Something to be sacrificed for the sake of “a strong rear. Karera. Spring – an opportune time to implement plans, no matter how ambitious they are. In April, the probability of obtaining novoydolzhnosti where scales will show up properly and will be at the top of fame and success. So do not forget about otdyhe. Very often they ask for advice, they do not tolerate conflict, their home was always open for friends. U Pigs – will improve things, which loosened in the past godu. October Scorpios make sense again experience the passion of his nature and inconsistency, confusion and duplicity. In 2011, the Bulls have everything turn out not as zadumyvalos. U Horses – honest and hardworking, in 2011, can passionately fall in love. Lyubov. However, in the spring Aries should be plenty of rest, to walk in the fresh air and try not to worry over trifles avoid depressiy. According to the Oriental calendar, February 16, 2011 A year of the Rabbit (Rabbit, Cat). Energichnye Tigers will rest, and those who interfered with them will go out of their lives. But the tendency for people to sign this deal several tasks at once can lead to a decline in strength in the middle of the year. However, too much sensibility may lead to increased pressure and dizziness. Find out what it is you are prepared! Lyubov strong. БлизнецыЗдоровье. He should learn to understand yourself and life will become easier. It is recommended not to forget those who are near. Career. Financial condition of Taurus will improve, but slowly and постепенно. There are dramatic changes in their lives. Lyubov. In order to avoid this is to understand where best to self-realization. Promotion at work and business success in their own hands, she did not pomoschnik. Hold on tight to the handrails! In personal life, it is recommended to pay attention not only a partner, but yourself, your desires and needs. Excessive outbursts can remove them from the psychological balance that adversely affect the surrounding lyudyah. Successful business acquaintances, new partners and guarantee the success of communication in this field. The coming year promises to improve the general tone of the Lions, good health and high resistance. This year is diplomacy, hospitality, comfort and teplotu. September – the perfect time to start a new business, which later becomes a matter of life. Stante same calm, good-natured and nesuetlivymi and Rabbit will be your patron saint in 2011. Etot Year of the Rabbit is quiet, life will go down to normal. In the family Tigers peace and prosperity. Year of the Rabbit will give Raku what he has waited so long – the heat, the attention and support of loved ones. Career. Will be replaced by new friendships and relationships that are already in March, will affect the self-perception of the Virgin in a positive way. Despite a good overall tone of the energy, Cancer could pose problems related to poor diet and gigienoy. The dragon will be able to overcome all the obstacles this year, and in 2012 his finest hour wait! The ability to reach out to different teams will be active Lions in many areas of professional activity. In general, the Gemini will be accompanied by good health and pronounced dynamism. You can use this to find a soul mate. Karera. God Yellow Cat (Rabbit) in China is considered the year of peace and creativity. Make them indispensable companions of such qualities as the ability to listen, love to please okruzhayuschim. Drakon – eternally dissatisfied hold the entire year on business trips, busy and traveling. But business success in 2011 can not expect stoit. There may be an unexpected source dohodov. On the whole year will be successful in terms of health for the Scorpion. Too much self-sacrifice could go no benefit otnosheniyam. Despite the fact that the year does not promise Virgo troubles related to health, they should be more careful with their emotions. OvenZdorove. In the first half are expected significant professional developments, as well as unexpected cash rewards in the form of bonuses and prizes. Should revise the financial arrangements and to strive to bolshemu. Beginning in 2011 will be a favorable period for members of the sign of Libra. Especially lucky people of creative professions. However, by mid-year will be a danger of mental overload. In the winter she had to think about your health, so do not get sick grippom. LevZdorove. It is recommended to take a position of the observer and keep nervy. Love relationships will remind attraction “Rollercoaster”. Of 2011 should not be considered as a year of action, as well as a year of laying the foundation for future achievements. Dlya Rabbit 2011 – a year of success, joy and calm. Zmeya-wise and dedicated the entire year will be loved, but it will not bring her any good..


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