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    ) You can learn about the 5 mistakes in treating colds, and how they izbezhat. There is an opportunity to attend a lecture on the concept of health. The technology exists to preserve health. 3. ) Whom to believe: Mom or advertising? ) book about cleaning up all organizma. Want to know what is and what it depends on your health? There 4osnovnyh reasons. Circulatory system. And Lat. The urinary system and skin. Even being superspetsialistom in these and other areas, people will not live a single day longer than the experts live, if not well known technology for health. Men are also useful for this material. The result is we are not happy, people get sick and die prematurely. And Lat. Sign up by calling on individual consultation on your personal problems to a specialist in the restoration of health. But this secret umalchivalsya. A cause of diabetes can be prevented with chromium and vanadium. And Lat. This is due to the fact that we do not know the cause of a disease. 16, Rus. To find out, you can: 1. ) And the other interesting materials. REASON immediately visible. The peripheral nervous system. We know that is very prestigious and it is useful to have good friends in a specialist doctor, dentist, lawyer, manicurist, barber, and other good people. You will make a chart and you’ll see which system is weaker. Ya asked.

    Voryat words: “what a pity that we did not know this before” (31 p. There are thousands of diseases. V you’ll know why, why, and how to clean your body safely and painlessly. Kostnomyshechnaya system. For one reason. (156 pp. The endocrine system. The lymphatic system. If you ask the question: “What is your main criterion for happiness? ” Here you can familiarize yourself with what problems arise in man, unless enough of what that certain trace elements in the body. And also of the harmful and useless components that make up cosmetics in the global market., in Russian and Latin. Prochitav its people are often the first If you are in possession of the secrets of professional friends and good health system, it can help you with this. You can select as a book and the way priobreteniya. Why, despite the millions of certified physicians and medical progress, modern equipment in hospitals and a huge selection of medicines in pharmacies, people get sick more than any other animal that lives in the natural environment? Interesno Do you know what are the reasons and rules? ) Recorded lectures of 12 constants zdorovya. Intervyu with scientists and academics, professors, Russia (16 p. And Lat. 27 in Russian. Ili drive up to me, then it will be cheaper (only the cost of books, no postage costs). Only someone who does not lie. Including osteoporosis. 31, in Russian and Latin. For them, invented even more drugs. Reproductive system. Vy know what the source is constant and they’ll be able to track (24 +24 pp. Here you can take the test on the operation of 12 systems in your body: Central Nervous System.

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    With this recipe a person goes to a pharmacy. “Get well while healthy” can be transformed into “healthy choices, while there is still the right choice. Of course, it’s easier, for example, take and drown headache analgesics, without delving into its causes. There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry. And then heroically to treat already formed a ball so we problem. Ne better to stop in time, to listen to ourselves, to give some attention to their own person? Chto is Wellness? YES! And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. “We all” – is hard to neglect the signals that the body gets our attention. Budte healthy and optimistic! Fortunately, the answer to this question is found in the most authoritative scientific level. Wellness – English literally,” good health “. He begins to remove the symptoms (but not the disease itself or its cause) – prescribes medications. NSP – Your reliable guide to the world of health, happiness, success and harmony! 30-40 years to a man begins to feel bad for him to have problems on the health and he goes to the doctor. Hochesh live long, healthy, regularly and happily – Supplements Eat and live… And with whom? What does the doctor? Timely initiation of prevention – it is a vital factor in the formation zdorovya. This means waking up, feeling in excellent health, without having to take medication to start your day. Whoopi Goldberg rightly notes that “the great happiness – it ezheutrennyaya defecation. Who do you want to see tomorrow, after 20 years, 50, 100? Eternal value of healthy life – in your rukah. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! It is a system recovery – mild and comfortable physical activity, nutrition, holistic skin care, good otdyh.! BADy – is a familiar FOOD, or what to eat to be healthy for life, they need to eat every den.! In fact, all the demands of the modern society can be met! Wellness means to feel good, look good, long life, be full of energy.

  • Development of determining health? But it remains unclear what counts as both.? Tut read 24k + the secret can be reviewed each year posetitel. ” Further searches for the essence of health go in another direction. A step forward, as you select a specific sign of health: the order in vital functions. The study of the dialectics of concepts shows how to become progressively more precise and deep knowledge of the body and its states. Priobresti 24 Karat is not so slozhno. In the first half of the XIX century restored the idea of? And in the twentieth century the concept of health finds its current definition, which is essential for today’s modern Secret den. Their ideas are striking in their depth, dialectical. In the dialectical analysis it becomes clear that the idea of? In the middle of the XIX century, researchers seek to expand the complex state of health on the constituent elements – the spiritual and social. In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. These publications are preserved very old and very new ideas about the essence of health. The disease, however, there is an unnatural state in which all these actions sent it difficult to read.? In joy and sorrow, on weekdays and holidays mention health. However, we have used and monographs, an anthology of philosophical writings. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics. Kazhdy cellulite treatment at home will use more and more popular in our country. These publications are generalizing, and stable.

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    Govoryat that can be treated with the animals. Ask what is the relationship between health and energy? So how can a doctor treat a patient, if he does not want to be healthy? Chitat and watch only the positive and interesting, and then in small kolichestvah. Necessary preventive measures. Special fish clean the skin of old cells. In fact, healthy person is more energetic than the patient. If you train the muscles – they are more elastic, will be less likely to tuck a leg or sprain. Staraytes not quarrel and make trouble, especially in trifles, it is very devastating energy. These people recover very quickly because we are confident that they are good. So, first of all let’s talk about health. There are others – “pundits” who are convinced that they know about their illness than the doctor. For example, those with low vision, life must train eye muscles and so it is necessary to remember d. What else need to be healthy? Says m. Even a horse can help to deal with different ailments. Zanimatsya fitness, yoga, reiki, etc. Health sorted out. Although, I think that animals are capable of great help to people, many of their features have not been studied. And in beauty salons had such a service – peeling fish. Tak and about the purification of air, vody. Pochasche vozduhe. I have only napomnit. How do you get the name suggests, will talk about energy. Otdyhat aktivno. For example, you go to the dentist, when it can not stand the pain, or check every six months my health? Staratsya all to do with pleasure.

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    Today’s children have worse performance than their counterparts 10-15 years ago, in growth, chest circumference, dinamotrii. Kolichestvo abusers of psychoactive substances, for a period of military registration statement to military conscription, vozvraslo 12 raz. Healthy children of primary school children are 10-12%, and among the senior-most 5%. 2. 5-fold, and in connection with alcoholism and narkominiey-2 raza. 6 boys. Vo fitoformula many cases helps the body cope with zabolevaniyamiFo Kidz colloidal corrects the immune system, returns the child’s natural protective forces for the normal development and disease, both in acute and chronic forme. 7. More than 50% of children of various chronic vozvrasta zabolevaniya. Vozmozhna personal delivery by mail. Gde buy? 4. Tsentry Argo located in all major cities of Russia and neighboring centers in zarubezhyaAdresa svyazi.

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    • Learn about the three factors affect your health and that you can take in this case and how the deficit of essential trace elements. My now suffer from the domination of blatant advertising cheap pharmacy pseudo-vitamin and do not realize that a healthy diet and quality supplements are expensive. Minerals in the water and their bodies. “What the film” HEALTH – wise fee? • The main problem – lack of vital minerals the body needs. Can they help us? Most people live their 50 – 60 years of sickness and fear. What’s really scary – is that we are passing the disease is inherited to their children. Why modern people suffer more than any other animal! See a short video for the movie What is it about the film? • How much food containing micronutrients daily rate? What are dietary supplements and how they affect the health of our body. Literate logically verified information. • The processes in the cells of our body. • Side effects of drugs. It is no accident… Help your health, we can only in two ways – to add to the diet necessary vitamins and minerals, and earn more money to spend more on tasty, healthy and REAL pischu. Sickness pills, operations, constraints, new diseases etc. The film will be interesting and networker who are engaged in Badami and conventional lyudyam. • As a farmer fertilizes the soil? 4 stages of contamination. • Learn how to break the vicious circle – the disease-pill and how the pollution of our body at the cellular level. • What is the impact on our drugs? Why so few people live to 100 years in the health and happiness? HEALTH – is one of the priceless gift that is given only once! • What will happen if you remove the blessings of civilization?

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    “Where the mind, where is the logic? Pochemu in life, people often act as if living in Wonderland? You know the anecdote about Vovochka? And be sure to encourage yourself – because you’re on your way! The aroma of the forest after the rain, the smell of mushrooms or rotten leaves and flowering trees – how often do you inhale it? Prakticheski every person on earth is intended to affect its environment (even if to the contrary) – You’re using bags? In my environment these people simply do not. It is clear that our actions are absurd? Tell us and together we will follow your primeru. – Is there to reach the goal, you have to go in the opposite storonu. Vse else – it’s not food! If you have any of the above, it means – “You, my friend, something not eaten! Only for some reason all the more incurable diseases, the mortality rate exceeds the birth rate and the percentage of healthy babies is nearing zero. NATURALNYE PRODUCTS. Because of health, we begin to think, when it waved goodbye to us a hand and does not allow us to live and enjoy. Pochemu many of our dreams come true? ” Look at the menu – for what purpose do you work? Do I have to say about its usefulness? And the sun does not get to us? They are intended us to eat, they give us energy, health, good mood, ability to think and create. Vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, nuts, spices. What gives us the opportunity to achieve this goal? Ili we went outside, we meet sun zapade. Because our actions are based on false beliefs, but now information on healthy lifestyles, more than dostatochno. Our life – a chain of desires come true, they always bring happiness, and dashed hopes. Pretend bespomoschnymi. And it rises to the same vostoke. Last we have the same negative emotsii. And yet without which you can not do without? And make a small step – easy for you. Really? These products are tasty and give pleasure without any additives, sauces and mayonezov. Do you agree? Just think – what it means for you health?

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    - At a headache – “Polonaise” Oginski, “Hungarian Rhapsody” Leaf. Deystvie music on the psyche and the body have long been studied in detail. 2. Marital conflicts swiftly led to the divorce, the husband and wife were arguing fiercely in the kitchen. All the best, and to meet. “People all over the world sing lullabies. In Japan, conducted an experiment here. Under the rate given by the music, adjust first such regular rhythms of the body, like breathing, heartbeat and biotoki mozga. There, the term “Mozart effect” introduced by U. Pythagoras wrote the music to certain rhythms and melodies for the treatment and rehabilitation of mental harmony. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. 120 lactating mothers were listening to music. The same goes for meditation and solitary reflection. 2. Music even helps settle conflicts. Kolokolny rapidly kills pathogens of many dangerous diseases. Ariya salt and variations (”Goldberg Variations”), a harpsichord. ”) Antonio Vivaldi: 1. Sing for your health! – gastritis listen “Sonata № 7? Wizard of Mozart activates mental activity. Axt and M. «Largo” from Concerto number 3 in D major (”Music of the fireworks. But the discordant music can even harm your health. Medical science has established that stringed instruments are most effective in diseases of the heart. – With a stomach ulcer – “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky. It has long been known that music is a fantastic way to relax and helps you fall asleep. “Largo” from Concerto in D Major for guitar, string bass and stringed instruments. Or maybe you want to sing? ” (From the book by P. No and hormonal system, blood pressure and immune system are also able to experience the beneficial effects of properly chosen music. People often sing while working. Primitive peoples with monotonous rhythms injected himself into a trance state, the children fall asleep to the singing and music in a supermarket creates a relaxed atmosphere conducive to shopping. Franz Schubert: Symphony number 8 in B minor (”Unfinished”). Everything in our world there is vibration. Frederic Chopin: Nocturnes. – It normalizes blood pressure and heart function, “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn. Prislushaytes to myself: what kind of music I would like to hear right now. George Frideric Handel: 1. “Largo” from Concerto for Piano and Orchestra № 5 in F minor. At this time their daughter was in the room began to play the piano sonata by Haydn. Some moms listen to classical music, their milk supply has increased by 20 percent. Spiritual religious music restores emotional balance and makes the sound bol. Properly chosen harmonious melodies heal, soothe. Subject influence of music on human health is inexhaustible. S.

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    A what it is – your health? But we are not an encyclopedia! And it’s wonderful that we are all created so that, consciously or unconsciously, we are looking for happiness. For one, happiness – it’s power, or is this thing, and this information is to be spendthrift. That’s what gives us the present health. Everyone feels there is no sickness, feeling good, I can work. One should always try to get the most pleasant feelings and avoid unpleasant feelings. The importance of health for each mine. It seems that everyone is clear: health – the opposite of the disease. The time interval between disease? But if you tune into success, and success will come to you. Our comfort is made up of pleasant and unpleasant feelings – both biological and social. A wrong way of thinking often leads us to stress and nervous breakdowns. To maintain the level of emotional comfort. Other concerns are more important. By little trouble you can get used, and a large – you can not. And now let’s look at what gives us the confidence and the health of appeal – it’s a good mood. But each of us knows how badly hurt. They say, “poor health”, “poor health”. In itself it does not make you happy. Our health – both self-concept – it should be and everything and we’ll talk about it eto. ” People respond in different ways, as a rule, this is – money, children, politics, family and relationship. The difference between right and wrong way of thinking is that we analyze the causes and effects, and can on the basis of this decision. Ya think that health – is still something worth talking about than to think seriously. Happiness – different for each person depending on his needs and desires. Think always positively. When you feel good and calm, we can not enjoy life, but also to change it for the better. Many health, less likely to develop disease. All respond: “Sure! And only then – health. We can say that health – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely absence of disease. But the optimum life – is to live long and with a high level of mental comfort. It’s like happiness, when it is, it does not notice. ”. And then when not sick or sostarishsya. Our medicine they are well studied. About the diseases are different, large and small, light and heavy.

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    Something to be sacrificed for the sake of “a strong rear. Karera. Spring – an opportune time to implement plans, no matter how ambitious they are. In April, the probability of obtaining novoydolzhnosti where scales will show up properly and will be at the top of fame and success. So do not forget about otdyhe. Very often they ask for advice, they do not tolerate conflict, their home was always open for friends. U Pigs – will improve things, which loosened in the past godu. October Scorpios make sense again experience the passion of his nature and inconsistency, confusion and duplicity. In 2011, the Bulls have everything turn out not as zadumyvalos. U Horses – honest and hardworking, in 2011, can passionately fall in love. Lyubov. However, in the spring Aries should be plenty of rest, to walk in the fresh air and try not to worry over trifles avoid depressiy. According to the Oriental calendar, February 16, 2011 A year of the Rabbit (Rabbit, Cat). Energichnye Tigers will rest, and those who interfered with them will go out of their lives. But the tendency for people to sign this deal several tasks at once can lead to a decline in strength in the middle of the year. However, too much sensibility may lead to increased pressure and dizziness. Find out what it is you are prepared! Lyubov strong. БлизнецыЗдоровье. He should learn to understand yourself and life will become easier. It is recommended not to forget those who are near. Career. Financial condition of Taurus will improve, but slowly and постепенно. There are dramatic changes in their lives. Lyubov. In order to avoid this is to understand where best to self-realization. Promotion at work and business success in their own hands, she did not pomoschnik. Hold on tight to the handrails! In personal life, it is recommended to pay attention not only a partner, but yourself, your desires and needs. Excessive outbursts can remove them from the psychological balance that adversely affect the surrounding lyudyah. Successful business acquaintances, new partners and guarantee the success of communication in this field. The coming year promises to improve the general tone of the Lions, good health and high resistance. This year is diplomacy, hospitality, comfort and teplotu. September – the perfect time to start a new business, which later becomes a matter of life. Stante same calm, good-natured and nesuetlivymi and Rabbit will be your patron saint in 2011. Etot Year of the Rabbit is quiet, life will go down to normal. In the family Tigers peace and prosperity. Year of the Rabbit will give Raku what he has waited so long – the heat, the attention and support of loved ones. Career. Will be replaced by new friendships and relationships that are already in March, will affect the self-perception of the Virgin in a positive way. Despite a good overall tone of the energy, Cancer could pose problems related to poor diet and gigienoy. The dragon will be able to overcome all the obstacles this year, and in 2012 his finest hour wait! The ability to reach out to different teams will be active Lions in many areas of professional activity. In general, the Gemini will be accompanied by good health and pronounced dynamism. You can use this to find a soul mate. Karera. God Yellow Cat (Rabbit) in China is considered the year of peace and creativity. Make them indispensable companions of such qualities as the ability to listen, love to please okruzhayuschim. Drakon – eternally dissatisfied hold the entire year on business trips, busy and traveling. But business success in 2011 can not expect stoit. There may be an unexpected source dohodov. On the whole year will be successful in terms of health for the Scorpion. Too much self-sacrifice could go no benefit otnosheniyam. Despite the fact that the year does not promise Virgo troubles related to health, they should be more careful with their emotions. OvenZdorove. In the first half are expected significant professional developments, as well as unexpected cash rewards in the form of bonuses and prizes. Should revise the financial arrangements and to strive to bolshemu. Beginning in 2011 will be a favorable period for members of the sign of Libra. Especially lucky people of creative professions. However, by mid-year will be a danger of mental overload. In the winter she had to think about your health, so do not get sick grippom. LevZdorove. It is recommended to take a position of the observer and keep nervy. Love relationships will remind attraction “Rollercoaster”. Of 2011 should not be considered as a year of action, as well as a year of laying the foundation for future achievements. Dlya Rabbit 2011 – a year of success, joy and calm. Zmeya-wise and dedicated the entire year will be loved, but it will not bring her any good..

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    Ya love fresh salad. I am afraid that you did not used to it delat. And if this estimate for the whole family favorite, but multiplied by the month, the amount obtained in general – is absurd. Improvised methods. Old men sit in the queue, hoping to get free medicine, which, alas, always there! Everyone wants the best for their detkam. Clarify once again – EVERY DAY! But they are certainly not cheap. But for those who remember how much we throw away every day in the wind – unnecessary studs, movie tickets, tenth or third coat dress, cigarettes, booze, clubs, parties… Food… In hypermarkets in SUPER will not fit. We export it with the cart! Is not it? BOLShINSTVO people did not attach any importance to this. ” And then what is it meaning? In a certain sense. But now I want to narrate a different story. The fact that you are NOT ZNAETE. That is the most cherished triple mineral, or rather the necessary materials for our food organizma. While you are free to move, while the doctors did not want to cut off a piece of you? But even if we ourselves do not have to, and you do not want to change your life settled, at least, think about your children! What sense to spend money on products that do not have even a taste of what to speak about the benefits? And the cucumber was the smell! They should be healthy and happy. So you can still find 135 rubles. They are harder to find. All believe that your heart than eating a plate and karvalola nothing. This is especially true for those who are particularly susceptible to harmful factors by virtue of their employment or professional life. Be healthy and happy! The danger to life and health at every step. In his health, his well-being, in their performance in the future, in my fancy, old age, if you want? So what do you do? The horror! Antioxidants. Or trend in real estate…. Enterprises that are out there -… So far… And even something to make… And our health – here and there. Yes, more precisely in the combination of nutrients, so necessary for our organizmu. Our clinic has long we do not treat, but only eliminate the symptoms.

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    Try Jala Neti. The fact that we are physiologically adapted to walking long distances. Walking Tai Chi teaches you how to gain energy with each step. To cleanse the body need to rest the digestive system. Laugh every day. Short and long positions can improve the health, body cleansing and rejuvenating it. Cleanse your skin? Make a regular habit of fasting. 4. For example, an enema is of enormous benefit to health. This is an old technique of nasal lavage (Ayurveda). 9. 2. What if you want to change your everyday life? It helps to clear nasal passages. When the body does not use much energy on digestion, it can be used for recovery or treatment. According to a recent study of walking is better for your health than jogging. But without air you will die within a few minutes. We all know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. New soft mattresses (the ones that take the form of the human body, at the expense of memoriksa – a material with “memory effect”, foam rubber) will help you enjoy a night’s sleep in full. Did you know that they clean the air by removing harmful contaminants? They not only make the air fresh, but it moisturizes. It helps to breathe deeply, strengthen the immune system, helps to forget about the pain and reduces blood pressure. As they say, laughter – the best medicine. Here is a list of pretty unusual solutions to improve their health 1. We all know that the skin – one of the principal organs of the body. Yes, you can live several days without food and water. Plants have a huge advantage. But if you want to go next? Lavage may be useful in acute and chronic diseases of the nose, and headache. Think of purchasing a new mattress. Buy Orthopedic Shoes Masai. 6. Laughter reduces stress hormones and helps to relax the muscles.

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    Conventionally, all people can be divided into several groups. The third largest group are those who have lost some health, but due to the global pohuizma to that meter, laziness, if not out of ignorance, are treated symptomatically, mainly with medication and not consistent. The first are those who have good health from birth, they are ill if, then only briefly, and then, some trifling OP3, and therefore the subject of health and healthy lifestyle does not bother. Work, running), respiration, periodic cleaning of the body, clarity of thought and other systems of healing, good ekologiya. There is growing number of diseases and illnesses bolnyh. Fight for your health should be carried out systematically on all направлениям.

    To gather together and get rid of the negative. Arrangements for the genocide, has called depopulation or strengthening of birth control. To is obtained in all countries, not the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of zdravozahoroneniya. Dalee I will give different healing system, which I gathered in the vast network. Znaete Do you think that lack of serotonin leads to depression of the blue. The current physician often does not cure, and provides medical services to the instructions he deflated by the Ministry of Health. Ne will hypocrite, saying that the medicine does not cure anyone. Therefore, for the strengthening thereof, the positive factors This is not surprising, because it is one of the levers of world government is pursuing a policy of genocide of all non-elected people. These people are just the most progressive group, they read all the literature on healthy lifestyles, and much experience in itself. Usually this is the youth living in rural areas. Оздоравливающие factors: Proper nutrition, exercises, movement (Phys. As a rule, all their stories start with a bunch of acquired diseases, the doctors were powerless, put the patient at a cross and was discharged home. Ordinary doctors about such genocide do not even know, and if they can guess what keep quiet in a rag. Health issue, one way or another appear in everyone’s life. Particularly well cured acute conditions of their transfer into chronic, as well as injury, poisoning. Zamechu obvious feature of the improvement that everyone would understand how, but overlooked. Trenazher FrolovaKriodinamikaChistaya water vodopitiePodushka of grechkiLidomed BioAplikatory LyapkoSkenar-terapiyaGolodaniyaPitanie, dietyBeg trustsoyozdorovitelnye practice Norbekov, Niches, Eye regeneration, yoga, etc. The rate of recovery will depend on the difference between these factors. None of us this, who would never in my life was not sick.

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    Breathing – this is life. But you should consult with your doctor before you begin to adhere to the post. If you do not plant in the workplace, put a couple. But if you want to go next? Improve your posture. Proper breathing is very important. 2. Yes, you can live several days without food and water. Think of purchasing a new mattress. She advised someone to do it – just pour in the nose this solution. Laughter reduces stress hormones and helps to relax the muscles. Most of them are focused on diet and exercise. Who says life – is a serious thing? This shoe was designed specifically to reduce the load while walking on the human skeleton. Here is a list of pretty unusual solutions to improve their health 1. As they say, laughter – the best medicine. What if you want to change your everyday life? Did you know that they clean the air by removing harmful contaminants? Laugh every day. Poor posture leads to not enough deep breathing, pain in back and neck, poor circulation of energy of the body. They not only make the air fresh, but it moisturizes. Try Jala Neti. Cleanse your skin? All the same, but in other words, is it? 10. New soft mattresses (the ones that take the form of the human body, at the expense of memoriksa – a material with “memory effect”, foam rubber) will help you enjoy a night’s sleep in full. Sure, diet and exercise are crucial to you. Walking Tai Chi teaches you how to gain energy with each step. For example, an enema is of enormous benefit to health. Most of the time we spend walking, not running. This helps to prevent respiratory infections, relieve allergies.

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    63% of cases are caused by the use of poor quality sanitary napkins during menstruation. Ono, but has no chemicals in violation of the microflora of the vagina. They are absorbed (draw), not only foreign organisms, but also create a high-frequency vibration range, a negative effect on parasitic microflora. They should be used after bathing in water, during pregnancy, menstruation cycles after surgery in the pelvic area, birth. ) Move to a chronic disease. CYSTITIS, in the etiology of cystitis the leading role of infection, the penetration of pathogens into the bladder. Acid-base balance, healthy woman, in weakly acid condition, having immunity against bacteria. Hormonal balance of the whole organism, is one of the main reasons why the emergence of diseases such as fibriomy, polycystic, fibroids, breast (benign tumors) as well as nodular and diffuse goiter. This cardboard and newspaper, with a high content of lead and other materials containing a large number of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. And, in future, lead to functional changes in the genitals. Sanitary pads – products essential for zhenschiny. Conventional seals are made from recycled materials. When using low-quality gaskets for 2 hours, the woman faced with the discomfort and unpleasant odor. 05. Using a gasket “Love Moon” Winalite, women are so amazing effect that in the future, refuse to use other pads. The cause infection, which can remain permanently in the tissues, causing inflammation of the new. ENDOMETRIAL-inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus, caused by bacteria streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. They are made only from natural materials, non-toxic, contain no chemical additives that cause allergies. They are now referred to as mixed polymicrobic infections, the causative agent of which are anaerobic-aerobic microorganisms, gonorrhea, candida, chlamydia. 80% of women worldwide suffer from various forms of women’s diseases. The causative agent is the different microflora (staphylococci, eshehirii, gonorrhea, etc. Gaskets are not only sterile but also 100% protect a woman from outside contamination and infection..

    Causes a disturbance of ovarian function.

    Official medicine in our time, has proved that any inflammatory disease caused by the bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. 2008g number 1287. Anion chip generates a stream of high-density anions, releasing ionised oxygen, which neutralizes the anaerobic environment, eliminates bacteria and viruses that can cause inflammation of the female genitalia. Ispolzovanie defective gaskets, may be one of the causes of many diseases, follow-up treatment which may be costly. -57% of the products do not meet quality standards. The surface is covered with sticky strips of edible glue. Department of State of Russia, Quality Control, conducted a series of checks on the market hygiene prokladok. When re-Recycling, added to bleach, caustic soda, bleaching powder, deodorant and fluorescent substances. Benign tumors, prolonged inflammation, erosion of the uterus, very often turn into cancer. Inflammatory processes lead to a decrease in ovarian function and hormonal imbalance. Trichomoniasis-Vaginal inflammation of the vaginal walls, causing microbe belonging to the simplest flagellated. In terms of health benefits, anion towels «Love Moon», the company “Winalite” are a perfect combination, the quality, therapeutic properties and comfort. The organism is open to the bacteria that cause inflammation in women. Coli, gonorrhea, etc.

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    With the help of dance can convey any mood, any feeling, emotion, passion, and recreate any scene. Ballroom dancing is meant good posture and strong back – with these problems, helping to address the classical choreography. And, of course, do not forget about good posture and gait of a beautiful, which is secured to any dancer. Opytnye subjected to heavy loads, so it is advisable to enter a training program yoga classes, choreography and jazz. Novice dancers must be serious about the workout is always done before class teachers. Jazz not only improves the stretch the legs, but all classes tela. When inattention to their health may be vulnerable to the foot and leg joints, or ballroom dancers pozvonochnik. The main plus of this sport – it has no disadvantages. Dancing develop fine motor coordination. Very rarely dancers are clumsy and unwieldy. Dancing – this sport and art, artistry, and chuvstva. In addition, studies at a rapid pace and with great physical exertion interspersed with slow, requiring no great effort movements. Dance therapy is based on the premise that body and mind are interrelated.

  • Jan 15

    What to do? Konechno same wisdom of the ages, has never been useless. But now scientists each year, ascertain the global depletion of the earth’s soil. The danger to life and health at every step. But now I want to narrate a different story. Everyone wants the best for their detkam. But increasingly, it is not so much with and “old” grazhdanami. Yes, more precisely in the combination of nutrients, so necessary for our organizmu. You are not used to invest in your health? But fortunately, I can tell you the good news. Podcherkivayu. And to do it every day! What is the meaning of various herbs? … Good question! Manic figure! Or trend in real estate…. And the cucumber was the smell! Doctors is profitable when the work is paid. ” And then what is it meaning? But they are certainly not cheap. Think about etom. Per day on an ultra useful drink to maintain your health? A do not know because you are not accustomed to doing it. We kill his nurse tremendous pace. As long as you have it? Be healthy and happy! Old men sit in the queue, hoping to get free medicine, which, alas, always there! And the possible children! So you can still find 135 rubles. Tak as by investing in them? But for those who remember how much we throw away every day in the wind – unnecessary studs, movie tickets, tenth or third coat dress, cigarettes, booze, clubs, parties… Food… In hypermarkets in SUPER will not fit. A how would you like? But, without mayonnaise he was somehow “not at all. Ot I sincerely wish you all the good-health, happiness, peace, love and long life! Clarify once again – EVERY DAY! Mne interesting answer to this question: how much money you are willing to invest every day in person to you? And with that you can not disagree. And is this what is 150-200 years old! The horror! Or do you think it will always be with you Yes, unfortunately, most of us did not realize that health and wellness in our crazy world must support each den. So what do you do?

  • Health and success for all! Look at the world a brighter place!. The work of an eye “on the distance. Health must be earned. Leaning back in his chair, cover lids tightly screwed up his eyes, open eyelids. If the issue does not appear, you can read it on the site refuse to advertise Tired hunched back and loose stomach? Reduction of the eye to the nose. Repeat 10-12 times. Eye movement vertically up and down. Let us give you some practical advice on improving and refurbishing VIEW A set of exercises to improve vision: Horizontal eye movements: right – left. Take part in polls, Ipsos Access Panel and get rewarded My Subscriptions My Groups My News Author successful health and success for all! ” Go to the window, look carefully at the close, clearly visible detail: the branch of a tree that grows outside the window, or scratches on the glass. It is you, not the doctor have to work hard to correct it. Frequent blinking eyes. But keep in mind: seeing broken slowly, and it will slowly recover. Lose those extra pounds with a belt for growing thin Vibra Tone. Lifted his eyes to make them a circular motion clockwise, then counterclockwise.. Then direct view into the distance, trying to see the most distant objects. Vision gives us 80% of the information about the world. Similarly, in the opposite direction. These exercises it is desirable to repeat every 40-50 minutes using the computer. Remove eye fatigue following exercises will help: Look into the distance straight ahead 2-3 seconds. Lower the arm, look again into the distance.

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    Jan 11
  • Jan 10

    Kak claims history, this day studentykolledzhey rushed to embrace each other for no reason. To date, uchenyeabsolyutno just proved that hugs are good for health. We embrace friends and family privstreche, after separation, embrace each other to express their joy iblagodarnost. ” That is why single people often zavodyatsebe cats and dogs, and so fond of their embrace. Congratulating on the occasion, give your family and lyubimymlyudyam embrace as a sign of warmer relations to them, thus reminding of the warm feelings svoihiskrennih… January 21 in the world has one of samyhneobychnyh holidays – International Hug Day (International Hug Day). It’s just a guess.? At this point namstanovilos well, there is a feeling that we are safe, close to svoeymamochkoy, and an event that upset us, did not seem quite so scary. Although the reason was, nearing the end of the session, which means that most of the examinations was put that thing on its own uzhesamo no joke. Around the world picked such a fun tradition of “embracing. Psychologists believe that people who want to enter you in his arms, want to experience the feeling of safety, comfort and love. You only generously rewarded for their warmth all kogoposchitaete fit. Since childhood, we remember how the tears and ran to her mother, and she hugged us. Secondly, mental health is associated with satisfaction chelovekanerazryvno tactile needs.

    |: The quality of products, some lying on the products

    Eto you also be interested in: Milk – it helps or hurts? It provides them less than milk. Margarine or maslo. However, to speed up metabolism and appetite for sweet satisfaction can help. It is believed that most vitamin C include oranges and lemons, but richer in vitamin C is a kiwi, and more vitamin C and contain rose oblepiha. Many false statements relating to, and quality products. Olive oil is due to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids protect against atherosclerosis and heart attack. Olive oil is most useful for health. So throw out the idea that oil is dangerous to health. Or, for example, that will speed up your metabolism and weight loss will give rise to? And when you go to camping, especially in the mountains, a piece of chocolate just need to add energy. Wrong. Remember that no one will save your health is not better than you do. This is not the case. In addition, the fiber is much longer provides a feeling of satiety and supports healthy intestinal flora and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Da accelerates, it is true that, for example, chili or ginger accelerate the metabolism. But in a reasonable amount of chocolate good for the body. Potatoes in their skins or bez. And studies have shown that margarine significantly affect cholesterol levels. But the peel contains few nutrients. Vy heard or read that dark chocolate less calories than milk? Therefore, the quality of products used in food, you should be carefully monitored. However, the sports nutritionist Peter Yandova believes that chocolate is, given the number of calories contained in it, not the best food in the diet. Znaete saying: “If you repeat a lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth”? It is not true and that people who eat only use vegetable fat, lower risk of heart attack, on the contrary, in some cases to heart attacks more likely. Nepravilno food can greatly affect the quality and life expectancy. Bitter is better than milk shokolad.: Quality of products: some lies about produktah. Author Zdena Novachkova. Ostraya food metabolizm. Oranges facilitate the absorption of iron from food. Take a look at some erroneous statements about the products, which can be met and matched vy. What we do every day determines the quality and duration of our lives. The rest of the like. Our health and beauty. You know, for example, the more sugar – lemons or strawberries? Both types contain about the same amount of calories, contains only bitter cocoa and more so has antioxidant anti-cancer properties due to the content of a large number of polyphenols.

  • Jan 7

    No us fortunate enough to live in an amazing time. WHOLE HEALTH OPTIONMy know that the potential for human life – 120 years. ) Times, two times smaller than the inherent nature! A book for only one medicine – hundreds of millions. A thousand? It is an indisputable fact. I’ll give this answer. Modern man in the middle of all released some 60 years of earthly life. The world will not change either one day or one year or a lifetime. And we know that we understood and accepted everywhere in the world. Think about it! The number of such contacts frighteningly large. This – our practical purpose. An informed choice. No not have to think that the whole history of mankind – a story of self-destruction. The whole world has become a common information space. Two? On the contrary, humanity stubbornly moving in the opposite direction. That persistent small steps of trial and error, the giant leaps of outstanding scientific discoveries came to knowledge. But by itself the amount of knowledge – yet only half the battle. And now we can gather all information about what and how to affect a person in his everyday life, in which pins it takes and how these contacts We know that this potential can only be due to health. After all, every resident, from newborn baby to a venerable old man, living far from ideal conditions. So large that it is impossible to imagine because we have a great deal simply does not zamechaem. Yes you can, if more and more people will choose good health, then the world in which we live will be different. And it is an indisputable fact. Depleted world reserves of fresh water. This is two (! And where do we go? Where the answer to this question? But why then do we talk about his beautiful philosophy, as to live well, live long and honestly, which means – we want to live a happy life now, in this life.


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