• Realities dictate new rules of humanity and technology, health maintenance

    Nov 2

    First of all, that all its products are based on a combination of experience pyatitysyachaletnego traditional Chinese medicine and the advances of modern science and tehniki. Istoschenie stock of any one of these factors leads to the development of the state of malnutrition and disease in the following cases: 1. The inability to absorb and utilize veschestva. K micronutrients include: – Vitamins – macronutrients – micronutrients – various organic vegetable produkty. Today, however, it became very difficult to make the right choice, because in Russia there is (presented in these products), several hundreds of manufacturers (American, European, etc. For normal living organism in the daily diet should be about 600 nutrients, which corresponds to the application of 32 items of food produktov. It is also one of the secrets of traditional Chinese culture to maintain health. Malnutrition, 4. Need to adhere to this concept, every minute of your life, and you follow the path of health and prosperity! ” Makes you wonder, does not it?? Health is the highest value donated by the very nature of man! Source: The basic material (newspaper, “Tiens in Russia”, 04. Naprimer, an essential amino acid necessary for the formation of metonin transport form of lipids. Indeed, the basis of health and human longevity – a varied, moderate, balanced and informed food provides the body with the necessary veschestvami. Loss of appetite in sickness and injuries, especially in old age 2. With a deficit metonina fats without being assimilated, are deposited in the liver, which leads to the development of fatty hepatosis. In turn, this is a risk factor for diabetes diabeta. If the body lacks chromium, and vitamin B? Davayte dwell on the last paragraph, and consider the important issue of how Essential dietary factors.

    Nutraceutical by refining, canning and cooking pischi. Makronutrievty regulate fat, carbohydrate, protein and mineral metabolism in the body. Famous Portuguese nutritionist alter E., Folic acid and zinc violation of assimilation of protein, increases the concentration of toxic metabolites and residual nitrogen. Deficiency of nutrients in food 3. About the company “Tiens” Buy Products “Tiens” with a discount online store TiensRUS Defitsit phospholipids and their precursors in the diet leads to a sharp slowdown in cholesterol metabolism and predisposes to the development of atherosclerosis. ), bioactive pische. Pravilnoe makronutrievtov assimilation, and therefore the most effective implementation of structural and energy features, is highly dependent on the presence of many biologically active veschestv. Otherwise, this function can be defined as maximizing the efficiency of absorption of micronutrients. Huai, “50% of all cancers that are available today – a consequence of malnutrition….

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