• How do I determine the amount of health?

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    Feb 7

    My will not go to a doctor and immunologist ask them about the service to measure our immune system, although it is also a good indicator, especially in high-quality hospitals and health klinikah. Segodnya will discuss how this is to check to measure. Although most health grew mnogokratno. Long time since I wrote a blog on health. And now I prefer to measure the characteristics of the fields of human rukoy. Who gets to such devices will know your health. Let me start from the end, after all, you must first check the number zdorovya. Health and can accumulate in a lifetime and for two lives and bolee. It is either no or just healthy. It is not clear! Accordingly, if he gets sick every half year or 2 times a year, so he half etc. I also use a more cold and drafty. And you can measure how well a person on energy and visual way, without any feeling of energy. And I’ll tell you: 4:00 to sit under the air-conditioned 20-21 degrees and getting sick – it’s the health of more than 1 second. Vot, became ill in the middle of summer. A lot of his health? So I had to be a pervert, so people are still able to get the number of zdorovya. In my case it is already a past stage. Some probably understood me at once. In some of the new clinic is an apparatus which gives a picture of human fields on the basis of discharge of medicine. Est still a pretty interesting way to determine health. So the fall in winter and early spring, I checked on the draft. But let a whole year will not wait, so in the future to determine how much it has collected. No such a declaration may soon cause resentment among many, they say how can that be increased health. Na That concludes this post! If so sick one, but if you can not sit for 4 hours, then less than 1 go. Remember: Forewarned that is protected! It works very simply, put your finger on the picture and immediately see all of your specifications poley.

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