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    Oct 16

    Because at night the human body loses 1. We must try. Net, no, I was not on a sectarian and appartment-consciousness, too, did not change any hallucinogens. I am sure that even though the statistics (80% of people in the world – the schizophrenics), we are in that number for some lucky (or fortunate) accident is not included. But seriously, before you drink “raw” water, immerse the special corrector functional state. But it’s better late, than not enough. I found (sluchayno! Structured water can make a difference. I thoroughly studying the matter – CFS, so I can probably something to help). Negative karma, evil eye, damage, poor health, chronic bad luck, illness, and the like “joy”, it appears, can be easily set aside (if something of this, of course, there is in life) with through the use of ordinary water. 2. Drink, even at night! Drink, people, water straight from the tap!

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