• Health – the most important value!

    Feb 15

    And how many would not say that, yes, there is discrimination against young mothers, think for yourself, honestly, how it is beneficial to the employer? An obligatory condition for the preservation of health is developed countries profilaktika. Sickly, always be unwell, do not like the plot in demand nikto. Being healthy – it means to be a reliable support his family. Being healthy – it means to lead an active lifestyle and enjoy its features. But soon the fashion palefaces beauties passed and no longer vozvraschalas. As a consequence, it is expected that the new employee is likely to take sick often, on the one hand, it adds extra work accountant (this is the minor problem), on the other hand, her duties during her absence will fall on the shoulders of other employees or not be executed. Glavnaya reason why employers do not like to hire young mothers, is that young children often get sick. Being healthy – it is fashionable, prestigious, profitable. Health – is an enduring human value. Hurt him too busy. Itak, get sick now not profitable, the hospital now out of fashion. Often ill irritate his colleagues, especially if the latter have to assume responsibility hapless employee at the time of his otsutstviya. But without it, everything else – nothing. Being healthy – it means to be always in rulya.. ” It is someone like that? Otvet in this case a “Goodbye, mother! Healthy people will trust. I know people who have a tendency to get sick every winter the whole family, selflessly giving himself influenza and completely – for a month or even two. Being healthy – it means to be employable, and therefore successful. Vy know that “hospital” is now out of fashion? “At all times, health is considered the equivalent of beauty, and beauty – a sign of health. Vspomnite many anecdotes about his wife who has ever “headache. If you are interested in finding a good job, then take care of your zdorove. Whether you want to be treated by a person who is unable to cure himself? Today, to be healthy – it’s not just beautiful. And yet this is vital.

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