• Realities dictate new rules of humanity and technology, health maintenance

    Mar 23

    Solution was found by experts in the last century, in the service of humanity came new products, containing in its composition all the essential minerals, micro and macro elements, vitamins, essential amino acids, etc. (1991) defined the role of food in modern life as follows: ” That power makes us small or big, stupid or clever, weak or strong, apathetic, or vibrant, unsociable or liable for healthy communication….

    Nutraceutical by refining, canning and cooking pischi. Today’s realities dictate to humanity new rules and technologies for health. Naprimer, an essential amino acid necessary for the formation of metonin transport form of lipids. K micronutrients include: – Vitamins – macronutrients – micronutrients – various organic vegetable produkty. The inability to absorb and utilize veschestva. These products are called biological active additives (BAA). It is also one of the secrets of traditional Chinese culture to maintain health. Indeed, the basis of health and human longevity – a varied, moderate, balanced and informed food provides the body with the necessary veschestvami.? The main supplier of essential nutrients and elements for normal life is without a doubt, the food. Malnutrition, 4. According to the International Prize laureate in the field of oncology A. What it is, and how these factors affect our health? ” Makes you wonder, does not it?, Folic acid and zinc violation of assimilation of protein, increases the concentration of toxic metabolites and residual nitrogen. With a deficit of vitamin B? Izvestno that among the factors affecting human health, image plays a vital role zhizni. Famous Portuguese nutritionist alter E. Svyaz malnutrition to obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, low immunity, cancer proved scientifically. Of magnesium and phosphorus efficiency depends directly on calcium absorption in kishechnike. Need to adhere to this concept, every minute of your life, and you follow the path of health and prosperity! Loss of appetite in sickness and injuries, especially in old age 2. Ponyatie “lifestyle” includes a restful sleep, positive mood, reasonable exercise and a balanced pitanie. Health is the highest value donated by the very nature of man! ” The food largely determines the health status and life expectancy of a person, as the sole source of materials that comprise cells in his body. It’s no secret that a healthy person is able to achieve the best results in your life, be successful, happy and achieve well-being, get out of life only positive feelings!

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