• BAA “Scarce”: health – this is good, disease – is poorly

    Aug 21

    That concern, warmth, love, and of course health that parents give their children in the future play a decisive role in the formation of a mature man. The child increases fatigue, reduced immunity, increased risk of acute infections. It’s better to drink a course of dietary supplements “KROHATSINK”, and then take up the KROHAFERIN, or do naoborot. Strong removal of calcium from the body make coffee and cola. 3. However, we note that even high-quality products have lost their usefulness. V everything is interconnected: the joys, and sorrows fall at all. Self-iodine in the body can not produce, you can get it only with food. He can often be in a bad mood, to respond to all irritable. Meanwhile, the kid he can not determine what it needs to be healthy. KROHAFERINDefitsit iron is very dangerous for children. However, it is not recommended in the same day and use KROHATSINK KROHAFERIN, since the combination of these two elements, none of them is not absorbed by the body. KROHAKALTsINKaltsy – an essential element for the child. Zinc deficiency may affect intelligence, cause impaired immunity, including antitumor, inhibit sexual development. 4. KROHAYODINYod is an essential element on which it depends how the thyroid gland. Iron deficiency causes anemia, “hypoxia” (hypoxia), disruption of the brain, heart and kidneys. On how the baby eats today will depend on his health tomorrow. It should be remembered that in recent years the environment has deteriorated greatly increased negative impact of environmental factors: electromagnetic radiation from household appliances, air pollution and soil. Disturbances in the body that have occurred due to the lack of this element can last a lifetime. Deficiency of calcium can lead to rickets, and many other serious diseases, it can also cause improper posture, flat feet, bundle of nails, early tooth decay. The daily rate of consumption – three tablets per day.

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    • BAA “Scarce”: health – this is good, disease – is poorly He can often be in a bad mood, to respond to all irritable. 3. KROHAYODIN – an excellent source of iodine. KROHAKALTsINKaltsy – an essential element for the child. The lack of this element can also help to reduce appetite, the appearance of the skin inflammation in adolescents. 4. Technology Center offers rejuvenating use only
    • Health depends on the power Defitsit associated with less consumption of meat, buckwheat. Iodine is necessary for the development of the central nervous system, brain rebenka. These substances must be obtained from pischey. Nam not have enough vitamins almost all year round, but especially in spring. Especially increased need for iron in women during pregnancy and in nursing materey. Pervy
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