• Water and health

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    Nov 14

    Today, there are still people in the healers who use the technology of clean water by charging vibration prayer. ), fixing in the cluster structures. Hence – “twiddle” Looking at the water magicians have information about past and future. On the therapeutic properties of water, our ancestors have long been familiar. People knew that each of us lies the matrix of health, which contains all the information necessary for the healing and were able to activate it. In therapeutic purposes was prepared and used in different chemical and power of water. Without it, can not do any spiritual ritual, whether baptism, wedding, ordination and so on. In recent years, made many discoveries and wrote volumes of scientific papers. Water, as a therapeutic treatment for diseases, became the object of attention of modern scholars working in the field of informational medicine. The main occupation of the Slavic magi was treated with water. Mobility of water molecules react to the slightest impact energy (sound, images, thoughts, etc. Modern science is at the realization that the world consists not only of gross matter, but also of finer substance, are not always operating under the laws of physics. Obviously, such a surge of attention to the energy properties of water initiated an era of Aquarius. Initially, they treated it to hydrotherapy. Water takes this scheme, preserves and disseminates it.

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