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    Feb 10

    Studies have shown that soothe and tone in a sleepy state of music, which is somewhat slower pace than a heartbeat. People often sing while working. George Frideric Handel: 1. 2. At this time their daughter was in the room began to play the piano sonata by Haydn. Sound vibrations, properly fitted, make resonate cells of the human (and other). Clarinet improves the blood vessels, the flute has a positive effect on the lungs and bronchi, and the tube is effective in radiculitis and neuritis. «Largo” from Concerto number 3 in D major (”Music of the fireworks. Spouse silent. A cow gives more milk during milking if she listens to music, especially effective waltzes of Johann Strauss. - Remove the stress and focus – listen to Schubert, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and Schumann. And then reconciled. Good music has a positive impact not only on humans but on animals. Ariya salt and variations (”Goldberg Variations”), a harpsichord. All the slow parts of the Concerti grossi, opus 6, № 1-12. A case is known, often referred to psychologists. All the best, and to meet. Everything in our world there is vibration. Spiritual religious music restores emotional balance and makes the sound bol. No and hormonal system, blood pressure and immune system are also able to experience the beneficial effects of properly chosen music. Vibrates every cell, every atom. Other – pop music, the amount of milk they were halved. ”) Antonio Vivaldi: 1. Prislushaytes to myself: what kind of music I would like to hear right now. The heavy rhythm, dissonance, ultra-and infrasound – it all affects the physical health and psyche. “Largo” from Concerto for Flute minor. In Japan, conducted an experiment here. Music even helps settle conflicts. Researchers in the early 90s. Wizard of Mozart activates mental activity. “Largo” from “Winter” (”Four Seasons”). Or maybe you want to sing? - gastritis listen “Sonata № 7? - With a stomach ulcer – “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky. Properly chosen harmonious melodies heal, soothe. ” (From the book by P. On the relationship between music and health is well known for a long time. - At a headache – “Polonaise” Oginski, “Hungarian Rhapsody” Leaf. Back in the Parthian kingdom in the III century BC with the help of specially selected tunes were treated for depression, nervous disorders and heart pains.

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