• The influence of thermal insulation materials on human health

    Apr 7

    It should be added that the so-called samopogasayuschy Styrofoam is not flammable material and the fire highlights the relatively small amount of toxic gases. This also applies to the use of asbestos-cement pipes for drinking water networks. 05 mg/m3. In performance is an excellent building material. Some of them are widely used in construction. Mineral wool also has excellent thermal and sound insulating properties. People show great ingenuity in this field. The reason for this was lack of knowledge of carcinogenic asbesta. As a result, often there have been cases of strong, threatening the health of air pollution by formaldehyde in buildings. In construction, it can almost completely replace the asbestos volokno.

    Effect of. It can be assumed that the glass in this respect luchshe. Polistirol plastic mass. When the permissible concentration of formaldehyde in the air in a residential area of? However, widely used by only some of these materials, and therefore should pay attention on their strengths and weaknesses in the security aspect for zdorovya. 4-2. Mineral wool, glass wool Mineral wool, that is generated by industrial mineral fiber, with properties very similar to asbestos fibers. PolistirolV as insulating materials, especially for reducing heat loss through the exterior building elements, are widely used organic plastic. Therefore, foam should not be used in large quantities in buildings. 02 mg/m2 surface of the plate for 1 hour. Perhaps even the formation of phosgene.? Therefore, you should read them and study their properties in terms of security for zdorovya. When considering the problems of building in the security aspect of health must be to draw attention to the widespread lack of acoustic insulation of building walls. And Canada. As an example, fiberboard, impregnated ksilamitom. 0. By themselves, these materials are harmless to humans, but after impregnation they can become hazardous to health. S. Inache is the case with mineral or glass fiber, manufactured by industry. There were several thousands of different kinds of products, including well construction components and materials for the manufacture of which used asbestos. If these three major blemish housing could somehow estimate the value of residential buildings would have to decrease by about 30%. However, it is safer for health because it contains less fiber, which can cause cancer. V currently produces a significant amount of mineral wool, which finds wide application in construction. Similar properties are fiberglass.

    PPLICATION krilamidnogo foam for use in строительстве. AsbestAsbest, being very resistant material, has many technical advantages have been used in various industries. Their allowable concentration in the air at the workplace is 0. Krilamidny foam all the time there are proposals to use in the construction of insulating foam on the basis of formaldehyde resins. A list of various insulating materials is very extensive. Prepolymers, soft polyurethane resins, hardeners isocyanate is very dangerous to humans. It should be noted that the experts of the World Health Organization, engaged in harmful effects of asbestos products, are wary of asbestos on exclusion from various areas of application. Used for the manufacture of polystyrene foam does not pose any danger to здоровья. In terms of health safety of mineral wool has two major drawbacks.

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