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    Nov 22

    Trichomoniasis-Vaginal inflammation of the vaginal walls, causing microbe belonging to the simplest flagellated. The selection of quality sanitary pads, is vital to the health of each woman. Gaskets «Love Moon» composed of soft, pleasant to the touch, layers of superfine cotton. At the same time, eliminating inflammation, normalize acid-base balance, menstrual cycle, restores hormonal ovarian, adrenal, thyroid, and genitourinary system, not only women but also men, is the treatment of prostatitis, gemmoroya, bleeding from the rectum. Ispolzovanie defective gaskets, may be one of the causes of many diseases, follow-up treatment which may be costly. Continued use of products Winalite, from month to month, the full satisfaction of the results of using the solution of many problems in gynecology is due to elimination of the causes and consequences of not – this is all that is important for women: quality, comfort and healing properties.

    Ono, but has no chemicals in violation of the microflora of the vagina., Violations of ovarian and pituitary and adrenal glands (affecting the aging process), thyroid (regulating the functioning of all organs). Kazhdaya woman uses these products, on average, for 40 let. -57% of the products do not meet quality standards. When re-Recycling, added to bleach, caustic soda, bleaching powder, deodorant and fluorescent substances. 2008g number 1287. 63% of cases are caused by the use of poor quality sanitary napkins during menstruation. All gaskets, which are available on the market today use oilcloth, not breathable, coated with a technical adhesive. This cardboard and newspaper, with a high content of lead and other materials containing a large number of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Protecting the body from contact with moisture without irritation and allergies, installation is a soft, dry touch. 05. Official medicine in our time, has proved that any inflammatory disease caused by the bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. The surface is covered with sticky strips of edible glue. Paper, instantly blocking the fluid, turning it into a gel, and except in the reverse flow at the surface remains dry nazhatii. CYSTITIS, in the etiology of cystitis the leading role of infection, the penetration of pathogens into the bladder. Erosion of the cervix – mucosal damage of the shell

    When diagnostic procedures, artificial termination of pregnancy, childbirth, inflammatory processes are caused by bacteria getting into the defects (wounds), endometrial, penetrate the walls of the microorganisms matki. When using low-quality gaskets for 2 hours, the woman faced with the discomfort and unpleasant odor. Causes a disturbance of ovarian function. Occurs when the uncontrolled use of antibiotics, as well as in women taking oral contraceptives and IUDs. Anion chip generates a stream of high-density anions, releasing ionised oxygen, which neutralizes the anaerobic environment, eliminates bacteria and viruses that can cause inflammation of the female genitalia. Benign tumors, prolonged inflammation, erosion of the uterus, very often turn into cancer. Bartolini – inflammation of the large glands threshold of the vagina. Department of State of Russia, Quality Control, conducted a series of checks on the market hygiene prokladok. And, in future, lead to functional changes in the genitals.. According to the Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of the Federal Service for Supervision of Moscow № 1740774, issued on the basis of studies of 15. Substances violates the acid-base balance, creating a favorable environment for bacteria. They are made only from natural materials, non-toxic, contain no chemical additives that cause allergies. Coli, gonorrhea, etc.

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