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    Aug 20

    Most often, behind such developments is 1 or 2 people. The second – the creation of supplements – it is science-based, created in any academic institution, but does not meet modern market demands. BAA today – it’s not just a powder or capsule is – exactly standardized, ie defined in grams, miles or micrograms of biologically active substances. For the above mentioned criteria are valid, most manufacturers. Another important aspect of quality. The creation of such products – fashion. Scientific rationale for the conceptual design of products as dietary supplements are of the Corporation “Siberian Health”? State of Utah is 90% of all dietary supplements America. Testing and treatment formulations provides scientific and industrial laboratory. No new ingredients or known recipes or information about new medicinal plants is at the heart of creation. Nalichie own production – it is also a guarantee of product quality. Research and Innovation Center (SIC) of Siberian Health Corporation in the development of biologically active additives (BAA), there are two extremes: first – it is believed that dietary supplements do is very simple. At the entrance – an independent assessment of the quality of raw material 2.

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