• Jan 29

    Today’s children have worse performance than their counterparts 10-15 years ago, in growth, chest circumference, dinamotrii. Kolichestvo abusers of psychoactive substances, for a period of military registration statement to military conscription, vozvraslo 12 raz. Healthy children of primary school children are 10-12%, and among the senior-most 5%. 2. 5-fold, and in connection with alcoholism and narkominiey-2 raza. 6 boys. Vo fitoformula many cases helps the body cope with zabolevaniyamiFo Kidz colloidal corrects the immune system, returns the child’s natural protective forces for the normal development and disease, both in acute and chronic forme. 7. More than 50% of children of various chronic vozvrasta zabolevaniya. Vozmozhna personal delivery by mail. Gde buy? 4. Tsentry Argo located in all major cities of Russia and neighboring centers in zarubezhyaAdresa svyazi.

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