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    Patriotism and economy (so cheaply, then) took over. S. Well, think of it, would take a child that skinny body and silly face – this is “our everything” Beauty and umnoty. Example of savings on health, or how not to do if… If you value your life and zdorovem. Interestingly, the taste differences were not significant, and to understand the difference “by eye” is almost impossible. By the way – without straining a free medicine, you are leaving significant resources to those whom they are really needed.? ” Read a book better in the morning – braces are better than coffee (saving some! Put their values? ) And sober (in the sense – deprive of illusion. Influenza is not just mowing down infected – it podkashivaet weak! V 90s of last century, milk was a deficit – mothers of children born 20 years ago, well remember the line, which had to be noted by no later than 5:00 am. Advertising features beautiful results after taking the medication, extols the hideous quality of the products about tobacco and alcohol advertising general recall sickening. Every day, waiting for the body of protein, vitamins, minerals. Understanding the “essential” purchases, not all the same. ” Toschenkoe body dolls advertised, in principle, does not cause obvious damage to the child’s mind. You can redistribute those funds to useful – for one super foods really super company that really radeet about the quality and the health of their consumers? Not all situations can be avoided in life – so let those who really need to be all they need! Save preferably on drugs – because the preservation of health is a few vygod. Uzhe infected “blood” infusion of thousands of people, of which a considerable part of a thing of the l another world. One of St. Under two conditions: if it is not genetically modified. And if the plant produces hundreds of thousands of cans per day – saving what? It was like this. Soy protein is, of course, too good. The result of more than deplorable: the state has paid compensation billion francs – by the victim, or their relatives still alive. Pochemu? ) That there are, for example, the illusion of “buy domestic, buy cheap”? Crises come and go but life goes on. A these ideals and values? Still not very agree? What I personally can you do against the idiotic phrase “everyone wants to be like her? There are times where saving NEDOPUSTIMA. In this case, we turn to the unquestionable source. Infection with AIDS, hepatitis, cytomegalovirus – this is the real risks of untested blood transfusion (or poorly screened) of blood. Vy agree with the thesis “on health do not save”? V times of economic crisis (there have been many in recent memory), people start spending squeezed to the vital. Brushing your teeth in the morning – zastilanie bed – drink Chlorophyll – TNT then – then all the other no less important and urgent matters. The rising generation will adjust our efforts, and learn the (perhaps) some of their chast. Rely on anyone but themselves? Curd, as whole milk, can also be improved to a disgrace. Bread, milk, sugar, salt, matches, soap, – post-war list of “most important” items has not changed very much, but it clearly requires dopolneniy. Do you personally share this view that the domestic is always better, especially if it is cheaper? The state purchased the French system for processing of donated krovi. Yes, and crisis management experience at all (those over 20) there, and a place for bags in the hallway is free… So on what can be saved? GM soybeans – the cheapest – Guess what soybeans are put in our food??

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