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    Vedenie beremennostiRadostnaya smile healthy baby – what could be better and happier for her mother? Dlya to register with the pregnancy at the clinic “UMMC-Health”, the expectant mother should seek an appointment with obstetrician-gynecologist at less than 12 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, the responsibility of pregnancy should come very otvetstvenno. Every mom wants her baby to be healthy and happy, but not everyone knows that the baby’s health, above all, depends on how you proceeded from pregnancy and future health clinic mamy. Prenatal care at the medical center “UMMC-Health” is on the program, which focuses on the physical and psychological training of women to the most important event in her life – the birth of pregnancy rebenka. Protsess planning pregnancy usually goes away in 2 – 3 months before the expected fertilization.

    |If your health is the health of your loved ones!

    Hello dear reader! Of course, if you do not give up and really want to own health, their children and relatives svoim. Parasites begin to die rapidly, and then enter the bloodstream and lymphatic system, which can cause toxic load. The entire set consists of a core group of infections that occur in each seme. Efficiency techniques and confirmed by thousands of people and numerous clinical trials since 1993 and dozens of patents in different stranah. Terapiya based on the resonant frequencies of R. Three methods of effective recovery zdorovya. This medical device has a devastating impact on the different types of standard equipment mikroorganizmov. Rife: the electromagnetic field penetrates into the body and it resonates with the infection, which is programmed device. Life Energy DETA -AP-20 – high-performance medical device of new generation anti-parasitic for all semi. In the base Life Energy DETA-AP contains 13 programs: 1) “Drainage Therapy”, 2), “worming” 3) “Total protivoprotozoynaya” 4) “Candide” 5) “Staphylococcus” 6) “streptococci”; 7) “Escherichia coli”, 8) “Salmonella” 9) “SARS”, 10) “Herpes”, 11), “Ringworm”, 12), “Chlamydia”, 13) “Papilloma Virus». Here are just a few of the results of thousands of examples: In 4800 men with chronic prostatitis were cured completely 4792! Forget about vaccinations and antibiotics! Only possible to cure an infection which is already in the body-positive therapeutic effect is achieved due to good penetration of the electromagnetic field in the body. But check out today presents no difficulty. Ponimayu that it’s hard to believe. NOT YET TOO LATE! Особое account in treatment programs given to the health of future generations. In this connection, use the device once a nedelyu. Vy already care about your health, or wait for the well-known fried rooster peck? Doctors delighted with the amazing positive results obtained by them in treating their patients with the use of these technologies! Entered treatment programs for children, most often are carriers of ascarids, pinworms, giardia. I’m talking about devices that use Deta 3 methods of electromagnetic therapy. But first, let me ask you a few important voprosov. It is therefore very important to properly diagnose and carry out a strict course of action. The herpes virus is killed by the body for 34 minutes! The death of the parasites is only the coincidence of the vibrational spectrum radiated by the device, and vibrations emitted by parasites that are in the body. The starter kit assembled programs that deal with many infections, sexually transmitted and non-primary cause of male and female health, infertility, miscarriage and problems are often passed the newborn. This medical device has a devastating impact on the different types of microorganisms. Heart, kidney, liver, blood pressure, men’s and women’s issues, etc. V Life Energy DETA-AP contains 13 programs of more than 160:1) “Drainage Therapy”, 2), “worming” 3) “Total protivoprotozoynaya” 4) ” Candida “5)” Staphylococcus “6)” streptococci “7)” Escherichia coli “, 8)” Salmonella “9)” SARS “, 10)” Herpes “, 11),” Ringworm “, 12),” Chlamydia “; 13)” Papilloma virus. Can lead to a healthy norm for a few weeks or, at most, a few months of treatment in a comfortable home, or at work or in puteschestvii.

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