• Chocolate and health

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    Nov 25

    Conducted as experiments with mice, they were fed shokoladom. Chocolate is known and dearly loved by mankind for more than three thousand years. The opponents base their arguments chocolate on excessive consumption, as well as opponents of red wine. They feel the same way that the envelope of the cocoa bean contains an antibacterial agent that protects teeth from decay, tooth decay, fight plaque, are planning to add a shell to the finished shokolad. Dr. B. Regular consumption of chocolate has a rejuvenating effect on the cardio vascular system of human and prevents the formation of clots in blood vessels. This compound dramatically reduces oxidation of low density lipoprotein – protects against heart disease. But all the excess – harmful. Shokolad improves mood, fatigue, an excellent remedy for depression. Chocolate produced from the seeds of the tropical cacao tree Theobroma (grechesk. Yaponskie physicians consider the proven properties of chocolate such as increased resistance to stress, prevention of allergies, some types of cancer, peptic ulcer ulcer, anemia. Shveytsarskie chocolate producers have created a new, unique chocolate, this product is expressed rejuvenating effect. Some called him the food of the gods, and other food devil.

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