• Philosophy of health – the foundation of prosperity

    Aug 29

    The process is permanent. Microhydrin – antioxidant-today the most powerful neutralizer of free radicals, especially the people needed an environmentally contaminated areas. The younger the organism, so it is more water. Minerals: activin, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium Medzhik. Kletki live not long, they die and new cells are born. Chto same cage? Two years later, you have an absolutely other kletok. Est 5 things that must be controlled and directed to “cleanse the body” (the absence of the body of parasites, viruses, fungi and harmful) that psychology (or spirituality), physical activity, respiratory gymnastics, water, pitanie. Effectiveness of something one (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. Bodies from the tissues, and tissues composed of cells. Using a step by step system health – you will save a family from taking drugs and going to the apteku. 2) Principle of Sustainability kletok. Kazhdy day we are born and die 100 million kletok. Nash body really needs periodic “general cleaning”. K Unfortunately, due to soil depletion, environmental degradation, technological preparation of products (Preservatives, disintegrants, colorants, amplifiers) that the quality of food padaet. This can be seen when comparing infant and elderly skin cheloveka. Frantsuzsky scientist, Dr. 5 liters per day, 30 ml per kg body weight) Quality (water properties) An adult’s body contains about 70% water. Fermenty vitamins, vitamins are involved in a chemical reaction for the restructuring of amino acids with minerals. Cleanse the body, lymph least 1-2 times a godu. ”: 28 amino acids (BUN) 15 minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, silicon, sulfur, iron, selenium, chromium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, etc. Itak, we now know from your path to health and beauty samochuvstviyu. My offer the best and most effective natural products that improve the quality and biological the value of drinking water Coral water GidroselShag 2. Water body, every day, clean water is important to correct vodoy. Important components of all equally. The program is designed for use at home without supervision vracha. Monthly embryo consists of 97% of water, a newborn – 80%. ) to put it mildly is very low, since all processes run vzaimosvyazany., Complex B vitamins, Alfalfa, Vitamin E. Older people have a water content of 57% or less, because in life people dries up. ) 12 Vitaminov7 Fermentov3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and this must be every single day! V quantity and quality (all parameters are interrelated): Number of (1. He said that the cell itself is immortal. Obolochka (NLC – Essential Fatty Acids): Lecithin, Omega 3 / 60, fat liver akulyShag 4. So, with a shortage of building material the cells of the body cease to function normally. Ezhednevno human body needs a certain amount of nutrients for the building material of cells, tissues, organs, sistemEto “code cells! Vitamins Altimeyt, complex “24 / 7? Vse it we would have to get from food.

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